Umbrella in Carry on Bag

In the autumn in every handbag you need to have an umbrella because the vagaries of weather are unpredictable. So when you buy this optional accessory it is important how you choose. Or maybe you think it is safe to stop Chinese ephemera that often simply replaced. And this is not really a problem because they are so cheap that we can afford it. Yes but if we stopped to buy and collect your garbage in plastic bags so as not to pollute the environment, why would we buy and throw umbrellas then. Better decision to buy quality umbrella that would do us a long time working and be able to rely on him even rain would be accompanied by very strong winds.

What should be the umbrella that is always in our bag?

  • Foldable and lightweight – it is very important to us weigh and not having to take out, and you know that just as we do, rain starts rain during the day.
  • From easy drying material because when it dries quickly and easily, the risk to forget it somewhere smaller. The fabrics with Teflon coating which dry very quickly are very suitable. Frequent waste of umbrellas is typical for most people precisely because of the lack of habit to take care of this accessory.
  • From strong materials to be able to withstand the challenges of time and especially the wind. Rain is most troublesome when accompanied with strong winds and what good umbrella that the wind constantly turning.
  • With beautiful appearance, which is always addition to our outfit. If we own style of dress and the colors are fairly limited, the choice should be consistent with them. Black is always a good choice, but rather suppressing color and more suitable for men. The umbrella is good to be in a cheerful colors that amid gloomy rainy weather will act stimulating to us and those around us.
  • Expensive enough to be quality as certified by Mysteryaround, but not so that our anger if many still forget it somewhere. Spokes must be of such material that even in highly bending to recover their shape. Best spokes are metal or steel with titanium coating that does not rust. Many preferred and umbrellas made ​​of fiberglass, they are extremely light. The handle is also very important – rubber is the most practical because it does not break no danger to lose the hand. In wet weather and wet hands which plastic and wooden handles are much more uncomfortable and slipping.

And if we found the right umbrella for yourself that is comfortable, light and beautiful, it is very important to keep it well to serve us a long time. Therefore it is always necessary before you close it dry well. From time to time it is not bad to subject it home and spray clean water before it sushines and go home in the bag.

The umbrella is a very important accessory and when they choose, to be reckoned with pretty things. Most importantly, however, one is to test if it works well, especially if folding mechanism. And if in your purse always have elegant little umbrella in your car must to secure umbrella type – cane that are large and fairly healthy and if the rain surprised us and should cross the distance from the car to a remote location, it will protect outfit us the best.

And when the rain arise and go somewhere – to count on the old custom – umbrella, bag and I!