Unique Halloween Costumes Ideas

The festive season is fast approaching and foremost is Halloween. In Germany the custom is so far not as widespread, such as in the US. But from year to year, more and more German are packed by Halloween fever. We have compiled a few costume ideas for Halloween and tell you, by what photo tricks her with that comes to your perfect photo.

Halloween Costumes Idea # 1: The Horror Costume

You see them at any Halloween party-the creepy horror costumes, often inspired by the occasional scary stripes. Zombies, skeletons or Jack the Ripper. All the classic horror film scene. Such Halloween costumes in particular call on the makeup. On YouTube , there are now thousands of tutorials on the subject. From bloody wounds, with zips on the face or brightly painted dolls really find everything here. An eerily beautiful example showing this video.

Our photo tip: Grab makeup, costumes and friends and makes advance a small photo shoot for your invitation cards. Skip Settings for the perfect photo for example, abandoned dirt roads, a forest, but also an abandoned factory site. The right atmosphere provides the autumn usually even by itself. Kahle branches, ruffling the harsh October windblown hair create the perfect ambience. So you can get your party already set from the outset in creepy scene. The invitations can you then very quickly, simply and individually as a greeting card at the KODAK Picture Kiosk to print.

Halloween Costumes Idea # 2: Fabulously beautiful …

Those who prefer a nice and romantic, is in good hands with Halloween costumes around Necessaryhome. Whether as a prince or princess, little red riding hood, fairy or dwarf, in these costumes you can shine. In contrast to the horror costume here the focus is on the dresses. With a beautiful evening dress and a crown or a loose white shirt and a pair of boots you can already part points. Those who prefer a more elaborate, fairytale costumes for Halloween can also rent or buy.

Our photo tip: The correct color is your image a real eye-catcher. In fairy-tale characters such as Little Red Riding Hood, it is advisable for example to contrast the strong red with a darker background. But also different shades of gray in conjunction with a black wall ensure a mystical atmosphere to capture this magical moment right.

Halloween Costumes Idea # 3: The movie character

Inspirations also supply famous movie characters or fictional characters. Especially popular for Halloween are the Joker, Alice in Wonderland, Freddy Krueger and Dracula. What they all have in common? Absolute cult status. Our tip for the Party: Grab the best friend / best friend or partner and you dressed together. Whether Dracula and his bride, Batman & Robin, Tarzan & Jane, Asterix & Obelix, Romeo & Juliet, the wow factor is in this pair setting guaranteed definitely!

Our photo tip: The photo frame as an effect! Grab Simply a picture frame and keeping it for the picture in front of you, whether alone or with friends – the frame ensures a very special picture.Particularly creative acts the image with a very old and ornate picture frame.

Halloween Costumes Idea # 4: witches, wizards and vampires

Fantasy characters such as witches and vampires, are particularly popular with women.
With the right accessories your costume becomes the absolute looker. The costume shops are full of special, exciting and scary supplements for your perfect costume. From fake blood on scythes and witches’ broom everything is included.

Our photo tip: Also in the background you can play with accessories. Cobwebs that hang from the edge of the picture, for example, bring a creepy side effect. The light can work wonders. A dark background with the right lighting ensures creepy mood and even a small candle in the foreground makes the atmosphere perfect eerily. Coordinated accessories or DIY instructions can be found online or in department store.

Halloween Costumes Idea # 5: The Job

Who is not a fan of film and fantasy characters and prefer more Bodenständiger, a professional group can represent. Whether painter nun, doctor or lumberjacks, the possibilities are endless. These costumes are usually less expensive. Matching accessories and garments has often been at home or can buy.

Whichever costume idea for Halloween you decide finally, do not forget your works of art to capture images. With dark backgrounds, small accessories and the correct colors can create your unique memories. The quickest way to make great pictures and perpetuate it, is our new KODAK MOMENTS App . With great filters you can quickly edit and share them with your friends or print directly the photos.

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