Update Nokia Lumia Black Finally Available

Nokia officials have announced the arrival of Nokia Lumia Black, Update waiting for your devices Windows Phone that will offer a large number of important improvements and that is now available for users around the world.

This update will arrive first at the Lumia 1020 Nokia and Nokia Lumia 925 then, go gradually, reaching other devices the firm will benefit from this and other improvements in this important new version of the software from Nokia.
Already anticipate weeks ago that update Nokia Lumia Black was especially important for devices with technology PureView: the able to capture photos in RAW format It is without doubt a step in the conquest of mobile photography by these devices. That option added Nokia Refocus, that had already come in the form of stand-alone application.

An essential update

Additional enhancements include the the rotation lock, custom tones for messages/emails/reminders, as well as a new way of driving which limits the number of notifications received while behind the wheel. Also improvements reach multitasking including the ability to close applications, and even a pedometer that counts steps we take with mobile and displays them in the Glance lock screen.

Also have some surprise that did not know, as the possibility of with grouping by folders. That was one widespread concept in iOS such as Android and now Nokia offers that possibility on their smartphones while it is integrated in the Nokia Lumia Black update also can be downloaded as a stand-alone Windows Phone store application.

The interface for the called App Folder It will enable users of Windows Phone group applications and configurations on a tile on the homescreen of the interface, to access these tools in a fast and easy way without all of them occupy a large tile each.

Phased deployment of Nokia Lumia Black

It can be that your terminal does not detect this update immediately already that Nokia It is gradually unfolding such software and according to the country and the operator can get the software sooner or later.

On the official website of Nokia support have more information on the status of the deployment of the update in each country, and as you can see for example in Spain Yes it seems to be available for the 1020 Lumia Vodafone but not for the Movistar, and Yes all Lumia 925.

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