Valandre Sleeping Bag Sale

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Valandré Sleeping bags are viewed by many as the benchmark in terms of quality. For what reasons? Because it is a French brand, or because the down of geese south of France is the best? Perhaps, but innovation is also a key component in the strategy Valandré, with prices following …

Valandré offers 3 sets of sleeping bags:

  • The Expedition series
  • La série Extreme Lightweight
  • Series performance

Sleeping bag valandré mirage

The most interesting range for use hiking or summer trek is undoubtedly Lightweight, represented by the Valandré Mirage. The Mirage has one goal: low weight. For this, the brand uses a goose down 850 cu 95/05, lightweight outer fabric (ripstop Nylon 37g / m2), a minimalist zipper 35cm long. The result, a weight 624G for extreme temperature-5 ° C announced. The price, € 300 count…

Série hour expedition

The Expedition series, as often is the exclusive aim with the performance and / or use in extreme conditions. Her bags are above all intended for winter use and, apart from Lafayette, will have no meaning for trekking use. The goose down used is of excellent quality since reached 850 cu on the entire range Valandré. Note also various innovations such as the closure 3/4 or the real Marie Antoinette collar barrier against the cold in the shot.

Thor sleeping bag Valandré

With a temperature limit of -50 ° C, the aim is clear. This bag is designed by Sleeping Bags Expo for winter expeditions, polar and high altitude. It includes 1350 grams of goose down 95/05 for a cuin of 850 and a total weight of 2050 g. For the price, it also touches the extremes: 700 €!

Sleeping bag Valandré Odin

Although not as exclusive as Thor while remaining particularly effective in extreme conditions, the Odin Valandréwill rather for winter alpine climbing and high-altitude expeditions in general. It contains 1150 g of the same goose down duvet to 95/05 and a weight of 1750g. Hardly less extreme to € 630.

Sleeping Bag Valandré Freja

The Freja has the characteristics Thor and Odin but with 950g of down load and extreme temperature of -30 ° C. It will be for lightweight expeditions or winter hiking. Weight: 1530g. Price: € 560.

Sleeping bag Valandré Lafayette

Valandré did much about him by marketing Lafayette . Voted best product of the year 2001, the brand innovated strongly: ergonomic cut Excellent keeps fluff, collar as close to the neck, central closure mid-length … all for reduced weight of 1000g with 550g down. Extreme temperature of -15 ° C, very sufficient for most treks and hikes 3 seasons. The price of the La Fayette is also height: 400 €.

Sleeping bag Valandré Shocking Blue

Newest, Shocking Blue again what made the success of its big brother Lafayette incorporating some changes in particular are a trapezoidal design of the bag bottom. Goose down from 768g to 1400g weight and extreme temperatures from -25 ° C announced. Price: € 530.

Hours Bloody Mary

The Valandré Bloody Mary is the latest model of the brand. A specific section is detailed here .

Série hours Performance

Performance Series is less exclusive and is instead turned to use in hiking and trekking, for those who can not afford to buy a Lafayette or Shocking Blue but who wish to get the Valandré experience. Swing Series bags all use a duck down 90/10 and 650 cu. Valandré this 3 bags staggered according to their fluff filling: 500g, 700g and 900g for extreme temperatures ranging from-5 ° C to-20 ° C. For the price, from 250 to 300 €.