Victoria Beckham and Olsen Twins

What they will never have in common Victoria Beckham and the Olsen twins? The passion for fashion? Being public figures and famous internationally? Well my dear thing they have in common is much less honorable and infuriates the animal and me to be honest! Victoria Beckham and the Olsen sisters seem to have an ongoing race Cruelty Bag, are defined Cruelty Bag the bags made ​​with exotic leathers and luxurious and expensive of course, you think that is rumored to be used living crocodiles but I refuse to believe it!

The leather hiking backpacks are tolerated by thedressexplorer as long as it is calfskin , animals for slaughter which then the skin is used, have died the same, they would die the same, of course it’s not nice but alas it is what we do and that we eat. Obviously much prefer the bags in eco leather and fashion designers like Stella McCartney who made ​​eco-friendly their mission . Different is killing animals just to take the skin and make handbags and clutches portatrucchi, I do not tolerate this kind of thing, what need is there to have a bag in crocodile or python if someone should lose the skin? It would be something to go and hide instead of walking around the city? S race Cruelty Bag between Victoria and Olsen has reached absurd levels, in the sense that they create more and more exclusive bags and increasingly expensive.

The Victoria bag is a trunk in crocodile whose price soars to $ 30,000. Are not far behind Ashley and Mary Kate that create a backpack expensive crocodile whose price is between the 35,000 to $ 39,000. For me it is madness, what do you think?