Video: Motorola Milestone

When choosing a new phone we always want to know in advance the quality of the videos and photos taken. I bought a Motorola Milestone despite knowing that he writes and takes pictures videos worse than the N95 8 GB which I had before. But the N95 8 g has a really great camera for a mobile device … is not that bad losing to him.

Hard to Beat Nokia in Video and Photo Quality

The Carl Zeiss Optics of Nokia’s devices are difficult even to overcome. Even the N95, which already has a few years since its release, still has better quality pictures than most modern appliances. The Milestone is a living proof of that. But nothing better than an image or a video to illustrate.

Photo Taken With the Motorola Milestone

The original resolution 5MP, but was reduced to get better in the article. Still you can see that the camera quality of the Milestone is within an acceptable limit on photo quality of a mobile device.

Video Motorola Milestone

Note that is in this video, where it snowed the day before, the “kinks” of snow on the uneven ground not appear, which gives the impression that the snow is flat, but it’s not true. The Motorola Milestone “confuses” and blend the colors, without a good contrast to pick up differences in scenes filmed.

At least, the Milestone is an excellent device to make timelapse videos. I’ve done some and liked the results. You can see that on

It Pays to Buy the Milestone?

Depends on. If physical keyboard and Android operating system are important things for you, then the Milestone will meet you needs. If you are looking for a mobile device with a better camera, Lumia, Microsoft (former Nokia devices) are the best option. iPhones have great cameras, but are very expensive. Is right to your personal taste and weigh what are the most important features in a mobile phone for you.

What is your opinion about the Motorola Milestone? You think he’s a good appliance or prefers to invest in another?