View the Year 2014 According to YouTube

At the end of 2014, and therefore have YouTube invited the biggest names into a single video

There will be viewed and uploaded millions upon millions of videos on YouTube every day, and it is almost its own little universe. If you spend a lot of time on YouTube, then you will probably rejoice at this video that brings together the biggest names on the site in a look back at the year 2014.

The honor of putting too has gone to the Swedish blogger PewDiePie, who puts it all in time by skipping out of the review of the year-literally.

You have to be quick to catch all the faces and references, but the YouTube team has managed to pack an incredible number of people together in a video.

A challenge to himself and his friends around a can be, how many people you get to recognize over the approximately 5 minutes, the actual film products. The last part of the film provides the answer and links to each participant’s YouTube channel.