Vintage Case for iPhone

It’s our favorite gadget or an essential business tool, since our phone has become “smart” there can no longer be separated and real life partner what we can not provide at the right treatment: a case of all respect that reflects our taste to protect, improve handling and increase the pleasure of always having it in his hands.


While those designing technology is doing the impossible to make more and more slim our dear, there are those who dare iphone cover a massive and colorful as that of Arkhippo.

For a decidedly more chic look however there are the iPhone port of NINA co, young Milanese designer.

For those who want to wear his smartphone ironically, many designers have had brilliant ideas: there is the one shaped like a cassette, with shoelaces, with the corkscrew built with a fake camera with a vintage taste, shaped Moleskine.

Also Simona Angeletti, just the one who together with Serena Mariani writes here on Bigodino.ittechnology although it is an artist in the true sense of the word, with its Simona Zoo has put on track some cases for customized cell expressing everything his pop style.

Well, if you’re in the mood for shopping Internetages is an online vintage iPhone Cases, Blackberry, and for many other models of smartphones, where those who want to lose a bit ‘of time can find their ideal housing, while those with creative talent can use art to personalize their homes through the service yourself.

Vintage iPhone Cases

But if you want an original case but just know not to draw here is that comes at you Uncommon, where for a few dozen euro you can customize your own covers for smartphones with hundreds of designs and photographs provided by a large “open community” of artists .