Vintage Denim Jackets

Iconic piece par excellence, denim jacket has seduced many people through the decades. Back to our favorite looks, spotted on Pinterest.

Regardless of our age or style, if there is a piece that can be found in any wardrobe, it is the denim jacket.
Treasury of our adolescence, the cult denim jacket also goes well with our little dresses spring women in our looks casual shirt, and that’s why we love it.

Denim forever: stars and denim jacket

We obviously do not have the only: from Marilyn Monroe to Rihanna through Jane Birkin and Steve McQueen, the people also have jacket in blue cloth indispensable to their wardrobe, the same signature for some.
Sometimes rock, grunge or glamor, this emblem of American culture that is the denim jacket has through the decades without a wrinkle.

Today, it draws celebrities and their beloved jackets to reinvent our denim at will… Claudia Schiffer, Vanessa Paradis, Ryan Gosling , Kate Moss and even a small nugget, Brad Pitt and his acting look 90’s sitcom, find vintage denim jackets, seen on SIMPLYYELLOWPAGES.COM.

And you, what will be your icon in jeans?

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