Vintage Style Preppy Look with Sunglasses

In your closet there are outfits that you seem too old to be able to be worn? You were wrong: the vintage garments are indispensable for your preppy look! Will be precisely these leaders to make you unique and give a touch vintage that really complete the style preppy!

Look Remade Preppy Version 

Who has never stolen from the closet of your boyfriend or your brother some head? Well, it is time to do some raiding with fashion sunglasses: go to search male cardigan forgotten: rolled up their sleeves and apply a patch in college style. Give a finishing touch to your look really feminine with a ribbon around his neck!

Alternatively take a pair of pants that does not put more or damaged on the bottom and turn them into elegant shorts: just cut the lower part of the trouser legs and roll a bit. Complete the outfit with a classic polo a thin waist strap.

Look Vintage Style Preppy

Do you have an old plaid shirt? All right, pair it with a skirt pleated blue tennis: make your look even more original with a bow tie around his neck and a pair of thin Bratello. Never forget to take inspiration from the uniform of American schools!

Timeless and always elegant, easy to match with skirts and pants: we are talking of masculine cut blazer blue. Fairies emerge from his pocket a scarf vintage to have a truly aristocratic touch and wear it with a pair of denim shorts. Pay attention to sunglasses size: never too big, or too tight!

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