Virus on Facebook Spreads Rapidly

There is right now a hurtigtspredende virus loose on Facebook that lures people with fake video

If you have been tagged on Facebook along with a number of others to watch a video via Dropbox, so it’s a good idea to leave it. Right now there is a virus loose on Facebook, which spreads rapidly.

The virus spreads by putting a link up to a video on Dropbox and in lookup tag 20 friends. If a friend so press on the link, the virus will infect this friend’s computer and take control, hit an opening up, tag your friends, and then running the carousel otherwise.

Peter Kruse, which is security expert at CSIS, are telling Ekstra Bladet, that if you get pressure on the link, and the virus will be transferred, then it is to turn off his computer as soon as possible.

There is no ‘cure’ against the virus yet, but Peter Kruse says that work on a solution is in full swing.