Wallpaper: the Best of Decoration

Wall papers are a trend for those who have little money to change the decor of their home. Different from what many people think the wallpapers are not only restricted to the ambiance of the room, but they can compose the decoration in various environments of the house and with prices lower than you would pay with new furniture.

A large balcony of wallpaper use is to use it including in lavatories, as if it were a wall painting, which will cost less than breaking everything, putting tiles or glass tablets, stuff.

Like any other environment of the house, the toilet has to have a theme only of it and among the options, it can be a more rustic, old, minimalist theme inspired by music and movies. The choice will depend on the owner of the space and the house as it will reflect a little the atmosphere of the house. There are still other wallpapers that range from the most classic and uncluttered.

If you want a different washbasin you can innovate by using strong tones in it which will be a fairly innovative business card for your home.

Wallpapers can be used even in the children’s room, make up a wall of your living room and a current trend in decoration is to use wallpapers on the ceiling of the house. Depending on the choice, the result can be quite interesting and sophisticated.

The decoration with wallpaper can be very light and pleasant in many cases via dictFurniture, and, the coolness of the wallpaper plus the price is if you get sick you can take it without problems (which would be more complicated with wall painting).

The most common wallpaper that is on the market are those used for bedrooms and prefer soft tones, since strong tones make sleep a little more difficult. Wall stickers are applied by a specific product.It can even be varnished over, giving more shine and durability to the application.

The prices of wallpapers are varied, according to the website Mercadão do Wallpaper is differentiated as to the model and also as the footage (because the wallpaper is sold per square meter).The prices are: from $ 20 and up to $ 90 (the square meter) depending on the style and material used.One more option to renovate the house.