WattUp charging your devices on up to five meters distance

Wireless charging is all time, but what if we also could drop the plate as units to be added on, it’s the idea behind WattUp.

Wireless charging winner so fit, and it is also quite smart to charge its devices without the hassle of wires, but so far we have not got rid of the mat as the devices to be placed on.

Energous, the developers behind WattUp, is one of the companies which right now are trying to do something about this, they claim that their energy-router can charge all your devices up to 4.5 meters distance.

WattUp works with a combination of Bluetooth, radio frequencies and a number of technologies which are applied for the patent on. WattUp using Bluetooth may find compatible devices when they are found shall be circulated focused RF-signal in the same frequency range as WiFi, this signal can be transformed into power with a chip in the device. The latest generation of these chips have an efficiency of around 70%, a normal charging mat has an efficiency of about 90%.

Never Take Your Smartwatch by

Energous’s vision is that we never have take our electronic objects of to charge them, WattUp is obviously much slower than a charging mat or a wire, but the idea is that we constantly goes home and gets charged units.

You can combine WattUp routers and they will even figure out which one is closest to and therefore most optimal to use for charging, you can define specifically what devices to be charged and also set limits on when the charging process should start and stop.

In the course of 2016 will Energous make a reference design for both the transmitter and receiver as manufacturers can incorporate in their own design, just as they are in full swing to make connections within the profession by participating in Power Matter Alliance new “Uncoupled Power” working group, as well as add Martin Cooper (also known as the father of the mobile phone) to your group of advisors.

WattUp must eventually use a great player like to jump on the bandwagon before it can really boost things, the potential is, however, to take that feeling on, wearables are never to be taken off to be charged, a wireless mouse that never runs out of power.