Ways to Keep Your Legs Warm

Have you noticed the gaiters and our long stockings in the shop? They are made in Canada and are available in black, navy blue, gray or burgundy and in two lengths, 16 or 24 inches. And here are some tips to match your favorite outfits!

  1. Let’s start with the shoes. Depending on the height of your boots, we can wear leggings in two ways. With boots, it retroussera on the ankles and choose to wear them over the shoe or back them inside. For a little more cold days than usual, we can go back spats along the leg when we are outside, and roll up once warm!

2. For more high boots, we’ll play with the levels and overlays. A short skirt, you go up the very top to cover the bottom and thighs reveal just some of our finest sticky. Afraid it’s too sexy? Instead, choose a dress or a full skirt or shorts!

3. Always with high boots over pants or thick tights, it reveals just a few inches of this pretty knitting. And what’s great is that everything goes with it! Trousers, wool tights, a colored tights or even floral leggings for even more comfort!

4. Leggings or long stockings are also very pretty on the grounds. You can continue to wear your pretty fancy tights without the risk of catching cold! And even your short pants to the ankle which is usually guard for the summer. Your ankles will be covered and we will not see the difference with pants!

5. Finally, your spats and your bottom long thighs are your allies during the evenings and afternoons cozy home soft cloth!