Ways to Reduce Plastic Bottle Waste

A good solution to avoid plastic bottles or cans of soft drinks, water or fruit juice is to purchase a water bottle or thermos. Indeed, unlike the bottles and cans, a bottle produces no waste: remplissez- as many times as you like, it does little or spoil. Moreover, as I have already mentioned in my other articles, a contact-especially prolonged-food with plastic or aluminum is not healthy: plastic, for example, can migrate into the food itself.
However, do not buy your bottle at random or based on color alone. It is important that other criteria come into play.

Ways to Reduce Plastic Bottle Waste

First, we must differentiate thermos flasks. A gourd is simply a container for a liquid, while a thermos will keep the temperature for several hours. The costs will stay fresh up to a day and hot… hot.

The first criterion on which his attention is the material of the object. If we avoid the plastic bottle or aluminum of a can, not to find them in our canteen! The latter, to be healthy for you, should be stainless steel container. Indeed, stainless steel is stable and does not migrate into the food. I suggest you read the entire label: make sure that it is not only the cap is stainless steel, for example. Everything inside the bottle / thermos must be stainless steel because it is of course here that find the liquid.

If you want a thermos, the ideal is a gourd with a double wall stainless steel, which serve as insulation to the outside.

It is rare to find a water bottle or thermos 100% stainless steel. The cap is usually plastic and coupled with a silicone ring for sealing. For my part, I consider that it is not serious because it is a small area, and not in direct contact with the liquid.
however, it seems important that the ledge on which you will put your lips to drink or stainless steel. in fact, the plastic directly touch your lips and liquid (as in the three photos below). If it is hot, the plastic will migrate there more easily.

Where to buy thermos flasks or stainless steel?

I bought mine just in a supermarket, sport equipment range. The photo is an example against the big chain. The prices are quite affordable.

As in supermarket, you must be careful because it is not all stainless steel . The following picture is that of a bottle that seems healthy and affordable (€ 14.95) (available summer 2015 or beyond). Know that the superior in quality model was 39 €.

Which one do I choose?

Personally I purchased my thermos bottle in a supermarket, priced at only € 8. I am absolutely delighted. It keeps well the liquid temperature is light and convenient to catch the ribbon on the cap and seems unbreakable! This is a double-walled stainless steel and a plastics inner cap. I filled with fresh water or iced tea house ( click here to see the very easy recipe! ) And take it with me when I go shopping, walk, see friends, etc. It allows me not to buy sodas or other at the slightest thirst and pushes me to hydrate me often. In summary, by following some simple criteria you can find something to quench your thirst healthy on the outside, for a little prices quickly pays!

Especially if you have comments, suggestions, or know of other places to buy that kind of gourd, reviewing this article to share your experiences and tips! In addition, there is no need to inscrire.