Ways to Wear Floral Pants

Actress Drew Barrymore has ventured flower pants on the street. His black jacket should be a little loner that end up in the middle of the pelvis, which would create the impression of longer narrower in the hips and legs.

Ways to Wear Floral Pants

Big ass and thick thighs are not a reason to skip fashionable floral pants! It is not a reason for the A-shaped to wear them with style.

I have a so-called A-body, ie the lower part of his body where there is a couple of sizes larger than the top, and I have wide hips and thighs hearty. I would like to buy fashionable floral pants, but I’m afraid that my butt looks in them only the more larger. Is there any combinations with which flower pants I work?

You can of course be used floral patterned pants. Kroppasi does not seem at all mismatched, as you remember a few basic pointers.

You need to choose your clothes just the right size. For example,If, for example, the size of top 38 and a lower portion 42, so garments must also be provided. False sizes only emphasize the unfavorable aspects of his body where.


If you have a narrow waist wheel, you agree to all custom, emphasize the waist or elastic sweatshirts, sweaters and blazers. In contrast to the skirt, flower pants to combine quite long, even tunikamainen sweater. Kuosiltaan crackling floral pants emphasize your hips, but when upper part of the cover just hips or reaches its greatest width, you get the impression harmonic of your body.

You look best when you choose the flower as wide trousers single-color upper parts without frills and ruffles and slip it into the leg so high high heel shoes or sandals just as you dare. Low sneakers instead is ideal to combine leveälahkeisiin flower pants.

Note: Leveälahkeisiin thin and descending flower pants, you can also combine a short waist to emphasize kietaisuneuleen, but then the legs will start to descend into the widest part of the hips down. Always Avoid trumpet shaped pants, unless you want to emphasize your hips.