Wedding Decorations with Candles

Decorations for wedding with candles create a mood and make the event really chic. Summer is the ideal season to use candles and, especially in the evening, cerano a magical effect. Candles, can be of various shapes and sizes and are very versatile, so don’t be afraid to use a lot for your wedding.

Candles, along with flowers, are used to decorate the Church or the municipality, but are especially suitable for the location of the wedding. The candles can be arranged in various ways, for example on the stairs of the restaurant along with flower petals, or they can be scattered in the garden if the wedding is outdoors. In particular, you can place the candles in the candle in clear containers, glasses, decorated in glass jars or in elegant candelabra.

In addition, the candles can also be used as a placeholder for tables of location or they can decorate the centerpiece with flowers. You can also place on the tables of small candles in glasses to give a chic touch to the decorations or making floating candles, simply putting water inside of jars or clear containers. Enjoy to create compositions with candles, flowers, stones, shells and sand.

If the wedding is outdoors, a particular idea is to hang lanterns outside and to give an original touch, hang from the branches of a tree.
Small lanterns can also be placed around the gazebo used to cut the cake or you can place small candles around the wedding cake to make this moment more romantic. Finally, remember that with candles, you can brighten even the poolside! Browse the photo gallery and copied a few ideas for decorating with candles in your wedding.