What About Our Favorite Shoes

The shoes complement our outfits more than any other accessory, and that’s why we love them. The shoes that we prefer say a lot about us, on our way of being. And at the same time, the shoes give personality to ourselves. Let’s see which of these shoes reflects there.

High heels stiletto

Are the shoes they prefer girls who have a full fur and chic clothes closet. They wear high heels everywhere and on every occasion: an evening with friends in a day’s work.

Ankle boots with fringes

Whether it’s a trip or an afternoon spent strolling in a park, you always dressed according to your mood and often with boots with fringes. Girls who love these shoes are adventurous and daring.

White sneakers

Behind your knowing how to juggle capacity in any situation hides a secret: click here, the white sneakers.The lovers of these shoes are any excuse to wear their sneakers everywhere. Your favorite look is a leather jacket and jeans.

Pumps Thong Ankle

The girls who wear a dress “flirty” romantic, finished with a pair pumps delicate color and ankle strap are very sweet and sensitive character. No matter if you are going to a wine tasting in the afternoon or at the supermarket. The important thing is to get dressed up.