What Are the Stickers on the Wall Better Than Wallpaper and Painting?

They are not self-adhesive decorations more convenient than traditional methods of restoration of the interior? Where we can certainly count on sticking wall ceiling wallpaper, or a completely new painting on the paint? Just to look at today.

How to choose a convenient way to decorate the walls?

The basic comparison we have stickers (such as butterfly wall stickers, design pieces that do not cover the whole surface of the wall, but on the contrary it creates a distinctive decor / design), and wallpapers.

Benefits stickers:

  • a large selection of sizes and shapes,
  • dozens of different colors,
  • does not damage the wall of gentle adhesive,
  • It also puts an amateur,
  • very fast installation,
  • generally less expensive than other methods of decoration.

Disadvantages stickers:

  • obscure the whole surface of the wall,
  • not suitable for wet environments.

Advantages of wallpaper:

  • large selection of designs and sizes,
  • countless different colors,
  • covers the whole surface of the wall and its inconsistencies.
  • They may also have a plastic / 3D grooves.

Disadvantages wallpaper:

  • may damage the wall thanks to the quantity of adhesive,
  • consuming installation – emphasis on rigorous bonding and perfect location,
  • definitely not suitable for wet environments.

Advantages paints:

  • Any color of your own blend,
  • You can be due to various scrapers and plastic elements
  • Special coatings are suitable for wet environments
  • cover and base ugly wall.

Disadvantages paints:

  • great demands on the perfect location,
  • by far the most expensive method of decoration (paint, work-time professional).

All in all, our 3v1 comparison

Not to say that the stickers on the wall would have been 100% the winner of our comparison. But often the many benefits outweigh the other two kinds of interior decorating. When you bite the bullet, that with these conditions more obscure discrepancies on podkladkové walls and hot food expressive plastic moldings and raised decors.

In other cases where you have an uneven wall, severe damage, we would recommend you to deal given location – perhaps trowel and plaster, then painted over the base color. On the repaired surface can be used as a classic paint color, or choose a beautiful decoration adhesive or even wallpaper.