What Color Tie with Blue Shirt and Gray Suit

Tie – is the final image of male chast. No this is a special accessory, not to look ridiculous, you need to know some of the rules for selection of a tie to look harmonious.

How to Choose a Tie to a Suit and Shirt Color?

Ties come in a variety of colors and same suit with shirt, you can take some good depends on what event you can wear it. But there is a basic rule for selecting the tie: it must be darker shirt, which, in turn, should be a tone lighter than gray suit is neutral so that it is suitable for any color tie, so in most cases the deciding factor when choosing a the color of the tie is one riza. No whatever the shirt color is not involved with very bright colors tie, leave them for partita. If tie with a pattern, its main color should match the color of the shirt and the remaining colors must be set nego.

Blue shirt you can wear a tie with a pattern based on blue and dark sinyo. If link at the tape, the tape should not be different from the color of the shirt  should be worn tie with stripes of the same color. Drawing on equality business negotiations do not wear a tie with pictures, points. V this case fit striped ties with zigzags, diamonds. Under shirt with a picture is better to wear a solid color tie. Choosing a tie should not be limited by the fact that it is in harmony with the color of shades that can transform a person.

How to Choose a Tie in the Appearance of Men?

Choosing the right form of equality, and his drawing are able to emphasize the dignity of people and hide flaws. If the tie needs a man lean physique, it must be wide with a large model. If this band, they should be stripes visually stretch the silhouette of a man, so this model will look great on a man full of low. Low youth look good plain or with a subtle pattern relationships. Men’s rounded facial features must wear ties with patterns that is dominated by soft rounded person chasti. If lines of the face, then he will be paid to the links in a cage or strip.

How to Wear a Tie?

Sometimes equality is selected taking into account all the rules and costs money, and the man in it still looks nelepo. To order a cheap wholesale tie clip, you can go to manufacturer platform directly. I all this because he has to obarka. It’s important to know what is right should be tightly knotted tie unit and its length must be such that the wide end of the buckle pokriti. No if you wear a tie under the vest, then it should not be beyond sight. If you wear a tie clip, then make sure not to twist. Links, as well as every item of clothing, fashion spreads, which varira. The choice of this accessory is the most important thing – to you like it is to get up.