What Counts on The Nokia X 2

Not us liemos, the Nokia X 2 is a phone that already exists. We are talking about a possible update of devices Android that launched before – or in parallel to the purchase by Microsoft. There were two models, Nokia X and XL, as already speaks of a new one.

We can not remove his merits, he held many front pages despite being a fairly simple terminal, and although we don’t have sales figures to see if the impact has come to the consumers, are confident that a next model will once again claim the attention of the industry and public.

The first proof of its existence comes from AnTuTu, a Nokia X2DS (RM-1013) has left its data in the well-known benchmark, and according to collected, we would be in a low-cost product. No wonder we, the family was created to call attention to emerging markets, or placed as a more affordable option in the Nokia range.

Share with us what data on a terminal screen of 4.3 inch, with resolution 800 x 480 pixels, dual core processor (Snapdragon 200, 1190 MHz, Adreno 305), with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory. There are also record about 5 megapixel camera, front, and support Dual SIM.

With these specifications and value of 11.827 in AnTuTu is of course that we would be a low-end terminal, possibly indeado to annoy Moto E, if they sell it at a very low price. The software that has been in testing is Jelly Bean.

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