What Dress for What Body Type

To choose a dress no fault of taste and putting you in value, you must take into account your morphology. Depending on whether your silhouette is a pyramid, inverted pyramid, hourglass, rectangle, eight or O, the shape of your dress won’t be the same. Follow the guide.

Dress and Body Type


You have determined that your body shape was rectangular, or H. Your waist and hips are so little marked, but your shoulders are wide and your chest is small. Opt for dresses to col V, Empire or trapezoids, with a belt that falls on the hips. Feel free to accessorize them wearing heels.Especially, to banish the cache-hearts dresses or straight. To highlight a type hourglass silhouette, considered as ideal, with a bust and well-balanced hips and a slim waist, simply choose dresses adjusted, the plunging neckline and collar in V.


For the morphology in eight, which is the luscious version of the hourglass, choose of the arched, slinky dresses or bustiers. You sublimerez your curves so generous, but be careful not to fall into vulgarity. With the silhouettes of pyramidal type (triangle) or A, highlight your bust, and prefer strapless dresses or flared dresses (find summer version on http://www.summerdressesstore.com/cheap/strapless-summer-dresses/). Avoid horizontal stripes and dresses too skinny or too wide, which highlight the imbalance between the width of the shoulders and the hips. Women in the reverse, characteristic of the sports pyramid silhouette, can leverage short dresses, with sleeves, Halter or even Trapeze, asymmetrical neck dresses, the objective being to draw attention on their strengths: their legs and their size. Finally, the round silhouettes readily accept dresses turned v, with draped, cuts that slim the silhouette. Will be also favorite dresses with butterfly sleeves, straight or trapezoids. Banish the dresses too short, too skinny and very thin fabric of your wardrobe.

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