What I Hate The Travel Backpack

For 15 years, I’ve always traveled to backpacking or backpack if you want. And even if I like it, there are sides that get on my nerves sometimes. And even more likely.

I’m sure it is the same for you! We bet ?

These eternal questions that keep coming back when you travel backpack.

At each new location, at each meeting, the same questions back. This is especially true when you arrive in a new guest-house filled with other backpackers.

Roughly speaking, the questions are in order:

  1. ” Where do you come from ?”
  2. “Where are you going next?”
  3. “You travel for how long?”
  4. “You only travel?”
  5. “You’re what country” Ed, if ever there has not guessed my accent, either in Spanish or English!

Note that the question of the name comes next.

So, yes, I know that these issues are a simple way to make contact. But in the long … Imagine, you move often, and every other day at least, you are entitled to by several people following.

This had me particularly marked in 2009 after 6 months of backapacking in Southeast Asia . I almost tend to be a little antisocial. I dread to think if you do a world tour for several years …This should really be soulant!

Certainly, myself, when I’m tired, I do the same. But, other times, it happens to want me to avoid these issues and to start with a question on the country’s culture, a book or other fact. I also avoid asking the traditional question “you work in what? ” Or” you was working in what?”Another alternative for those who are parties to change their lives.

Recently, another issue sometimes from the female “you want children? “. Slim, we will have as I prepare a response. I hesitate between fast-true formula-without-history or the fast-provoking debate. Which you prefer?

These questions come from local, at least for those who speak minimal English, French, in short, for those who can communicate. This is roughly the same questions plus the following: “You’re not married? “, ” you work in what ? “Etc.


I travel less in the dorms . It is a choice, because I have more money now than 10 years. Then question of age probably, this tire.

That said, the dormitories are often a must for backpack trips. But you are sleeping poorly (remember his earplugs), there is noise and odors, not to mention privacy. Sometimes I have cravings for murders , gender when a couple makes her bag at five in the morning (but why not the day before!) All lights and talking loudly. Admit that there’s something to be pissed, right?Another classic case: a drunken British band Dead returning to 5am. It may be a cliché but the cliché, I took her reality in the face, or rather in the ears several times!

In addition, the security level , this is not what is better … When I see that some leave their Ipad on their bed, stupidity amazes me.

A dormitory for four, still going on, but when you have dorms of 20 as in some factories backapkers Asia or South America, this is too much. Hell may be close. Apocalypse Now, you said?

Yet the dorms have their advantages. In some dear country is a great way to save on a trip backpack. And above all, it really is a must to build relationships easily.

Long trips by bus

Probably the most used means of transport during a trip backpack. I increasingly hard to do 12 hours of consecutive bus. Even in a comfortable bus as you can find in Peru, Chile and Argentina.

The interest of the bus is that you see the landscape, it is almost everything . Ah yes, it’s also cheaper. So yes, you can enjoy to read. To write is sometimes impossible with the vibrations of the road. Tap netbook, it’s not comfortable, I would not do it in many countries in the world for a security issue. (read my guide on travel safety). I much prefer the train, but this mode of transport is scarce.

Indeed, apart from the train, I prefer two transport poles apart from each other:

-A bike ride or walk at least it is physical, you’re not in a coma. And this type of trip is rich in meetings.

-The plane. You know, I’m pro blogger. So, I have to “work” a minimum. But the aircraft saves me time and fatigue, and therefore working hours.

When I think I did 20 hours of bus in India, sitting on a wooden bench, packed like sardines with a hen on both knees and vomited neighbor … I wonder how I did it? Could -I do it again?Not so sure … And you?

The beaters and other leeches

When I think about it, it is India that I always think. The Indians are in my opinion the world champions in all categories. In any city, as soon as you get off the bus, a horde of touts based on you and surround you. You are tired after a 12 hour bus, it’s hot, you are responsible, everyone talking at once, in your opinion, what is your reaction?

Not very good. I confess I do not like too much in these times, I can be nasty or violent limit my comments.

Sometimes the quarry begins even on the bus! My technique: I expect everyone to come down from the bus and go break pipe. Then I quietly sneak to get away from the bus away from the bustle.

Once the battle is over, I can finally go to a lonely and depressed tuk-tuk has not caught a client.The negotiation will be easier.

Travel backpack: ephemeral encounters

Are there owl traveling is that strong relationships can be established quickly, in friendship as in love.

Living sometimes heavy things, this brings. The problem is that these relationships are often fleeting. We must at one time or another to separate. This is how. And you know that there isvery little chance that you review one day this person.

Personally, the trip meetings have become friends and I am in regular contact (and not only virtually) with them, but these are really exceptions.

Yes, it’s pretty sad. After a while, you get used more or less, well, never completely for me. You have the same feeling?

The appearance sheep on the move

Human beings always tend to cluster with its closest peers. This is a trait that is also found among travelers “independent” travel backpacking defined by Aviationopedia. Every city in Asia for instance has its backpacker area  : Ko San Road in Bangkok, Thamel in Kathmandu, Boeung Kak to Pnhom Penh, etc.

One can start travel backpack to the other side of the world escape the Club Med and other “all inclusive” to find himself still between us and meet his neighbor. Yes, I have seen this J. There is a contradiction, right?

I am also a victim. Sometimes I also sometimes want to find my peers. This mostly happens in moments of solitude. Because even if the trip meetings with the population, it’s great,sometimes the desire to share his feelings with culturally similar people is felt.

And in general, with the fatigue of travel backpack , it is more likely to search the facility.

Is not it also your case?

Disrespect for some travelers

I am always surprised by the lack of respect of some towards the local population . To believe that some have left their brains at home. In fact, forgiveness is more than a belief, it is a certainty. Some young women arrive in Muslim countries or traditional, dressed like home: tank top, skirt or shorts. For a few, they would put themselves in thong on the beach . That sometimes I can find some of them sexy, I can not imagine what it is for the average Indian frustrated possible.

Some couples kissing in the street while this is not done in the country, some “play” with a statue of Buddha, others affect the children head or point the finger when it does not happen Asia. It’s just a few examples.

And then there are also all these young people from getting high head for next to nothing, the price of an airline ticket in this case. Cheap beer, drugs, mushrooms, some, particularly in Southeast Asia, tour the artificial paradise backpack . Veng Vieng in Laos is probably the worst, I spoke in this article.

The worst I’ve seen? No doubt sex between two guys in a dorm . Yes, you read correctly. I hallucinated before so much disrespect. Next time, I just tip me next and balance a bucket of water. I have the right, no?

I think I’ve been around. What do you think? Are there has sides so that you do not like or more in the bag travel backpack?