What is Gas BBQ

The barbecue is considered an integral part of the garden furniture. Already known by Indians of Central America under the name “barbacoa”, indicates the slow cooking of meat, fish and other foods, on the grid. The gas barbecue is preferred by those who makes frequent use, not only in summer, and want a fast ignition and ease of use.

What is Gas BBQ

Features and benefits

Compared to wood or charcoal BBQ – the so-called “American barbecue” – the gas barbecue provides savings on consumption and less maintenance. According to Abbreviation Finder (http://www.abbreviationfinder.org/acronyms/bbq.html), this model of BBQ is powered by one or two gas or methane cylinders placed at the bottom, in a special housing: through one or two burners, the flame has come to the lava rock.

What is Gas BBQ 1

Cooking – which takes place through contact and not through radiation – takes place on lava stone or grill, made of steel or cast iron. The accessories indispensable are the brush to brush the marinade, long handled pliers or forks, skewers of steel and metal brushes to clean the grill.

What is Gas BBQ 2

Also very useful the dripping pan, the pot that collects the fat drippings. The hood, optional, turns the barbecue in a real oven that can also be used indoors. To prevent rust or oxidation, we recommend purchasing a barbecue in stainless steel, perhaps mounted on wheels to move it in case of bad weather.

What is Gas BBQ 3

Made in different sizes, the gas grills can also be used on the balcony of the house if the amount of smoke is not excessive. The cleaning with special brushes is carried out prior to hot, to prevent fouling they become stiff, cold and, later, to complete and finish the job.