What is Multi Touch?

Since back when cell phones were the most modern that in addition to receiving also sent text messages the screens comes evolving increasingly. Today it’s more difficult to find devices with screen that is not color or that does not have at least 1 function as well as make calls and send messages.

One of the most improved phone parts was the screen. Were small and hard to see. Today are huge and sensitive to the touch. So one of the new feature that can make the difference when choosing a new device is the multitouch screen.

Multi Touch means “multi touch” and refers to the ability of the screen to recognize at the same more than a touch, such as several fingers in different locations on the screen. The specifications and differences even between seemingly very similar fabrics can be a huge advantage between a handset or another time to choose. The iPhone and the iPod Touch and the iPad are good examples of multi touch technology. By the time the iPad screen is one of the best and that rely on such technology.

Imagine what it would be like typing on the virtual keyboard if he couldn’t identify more than one finger on the screen at the same time? This is a multi touch applications.

Some phones or smartphones of inferior quality, especially Chinese with resistive screens bad do not support multi touch. You need to press hard to make the screen feel your finger and it’s still just a touch at a time. To test quickly if the screen is multi touch, just for example open an application such as Google maps and try to drag or change the position of the map using two fingers. If you can rotate the map with two fingers at the same time, the fabric is multi touch!

Simple huh? For some games multi touch screen is essential but the creators of games always try to facilitate to the maximum in order to allow the games to run in more devices.

And now? Your next cell phone will have a multi touch screen?