What Is Snowskate

Being a fan of Skateboarding, you should probably find the Snowboard very nice, and should certainly be curious to know what it’s like to practice this sport. I particularly have an absurd desire to ride a Snowboard and alive watching videos around.

In one of my pilgrimages on the Internet I found a sport that is at least interesting and apparently pretty hard to practice: the Snowskate.

According to Commit4Fitness, snowskate is a hybrid of skateboarding and Snowboarding, where you you use some sort of shape that is made to slide on snow, without trucks or anything, but without that fit for your feet to the Snowboard ‘s personal use.

If you ride a skateboard, surely you’ve tried to send maneuvers in a shape without trucks ever, right? Well, it’s hard to put things in it, at most one flip right down or a varial well dragged.

Historically the Snowskate (believe it or not) appeared more or less year of 1964, but was officially marketed under that name in sports stores only in 1970.

From then on I don’t think I was very famous, perhaps because it was apparently difficult as hell to walk, but now is at full strength and many videos have been circulating around.

Speaking of video, check it out there in this sorted for you, he is very good and any resemblance to the Skate is no coincidence!

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