What Tights to Wear in Autumn

Ah, September. Fall is finally back! With the change of season, the days get shorter, temperatures drop and we can enjoy our favorite accessory at my best. Autumn is undoubtedly the best seasons to wear tights. Autumn pantyhose

In this article, we listed you the 5 best reasons to wear tights in autumn.

1. They always keep you at the right temperature

With the change of season, fall to your outfit should prepare yourself for a hot or cold weather. There is nothing worse than cold weather during the morning commute, then back under the sun typing once the work day ended, only to realize that you did not have enough or too hot and that you were not really prepared to face any of these two temperatures. (This is also the same story in the spring, but the tights solve this problem for two seasons!). Sticky you prepare for all eventualities at the time. They will keep you warm well during the cool mornings, and will air the legs you when the afternoon are warmer. They are a real asset to this time of year.

2. Whatever the weather, they work very well with any shoes

As mentioned above, the fall can be totally unpredictable. You may very well face the rain, sun, cold wind and even snow in late season, all in the same day. But when you wear tights, you no longer have to worry if your outfit to go with with your shoes or not – even if you have to put on rain boots at the last minute! Since the tights go well with almost any shoe, you’ll always be ready to face the weather! (To choose the right tack, read our article on money )

3.They remind you of school time

No matter how many years pass, September always remind us back to school. Whatever your age, whether you are a student or not, find your style schoolgirl wearing a nice pair of tights accompanied by a little girly dress and Oxford shoes. A nice shoulder bag or a nice backpack perfectly complement the schoolgirl look. No matter how you occupy your day, you can be sure to get an A + in style!

4. There are of all colors and fit perfectly to the season

When the leaves begin to change color to a nice orange, red or yellow, why not do the same and wear those colors too?Fortunately, Rachel’s shop has a selection of fall colors that you will love – like for example bordeaux! Why not take a look now ? You can also see our lookbook colored tights!

5 You’ll always have the appearance of being ready for a photoshoot

There is no better background Instagram a tree in autumn colors and the ground covered with dead leaves. With such a beautiful setting, you know you have to do something. Before moving your phone to your best friend and ask him to post a nice picture of you (with a Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand, of course), make sure to wear the right pair of tights, ideally a nice color autumn-and everything will be perfect! Get ready for I love.

What is for you the best reason to wear tights in the fall? Tell us in the comments, and share pictures of you on Facebook or Instagram with your favorite fall look. Do not forget to tag me so I can see the outfits that you created!