What to do to Prepare for a Camping Trip

Holidays at the campsite are known to be the best way to meet people. Still need to know how… Tips to optimize your chances and make your camping holiday in unforgettable.

The choice of the location

Book early, and ask for a location near the entrance: everyone will necessarily have to spend in front of your tent/caravan, and this will give you the opportunity to find people of interest to you. And by dint of seeing three times per day the same heads, we begin to greet each other, then bound conversation… and without making any effort, you’ve met someone with whom you can befriend you.

Come out of your shell

Your tent/caravan may be beautiful for camping, but nobody would get you. If you want to meet, you need to get out. Go where? To do what? Read on…

The sense of hospitality

Take care to always have in front of your tent/caravan, a table with two or three free chairs: when a neighbor (e) interesting comes to pass, invite him / her to drink an aperitif, with ease…

Camping activities

Enjoy the activities proposed by the campsite: evenings, games, outings in a nightclub. These are excellent opportunities to meet with other holiday makers.


The practice of sports offers many opportunities: petanque, football, volleyball, table tennis or fitness are activities that allow you to create new connections for sure.

Places of conviviality

Petanque, billiard tables, the TV room (evening): visit them, you will never be alone! You have more than you get noticed.

Do the G.O.

Do you like playing cards? Organize a tournament! On a sheet of paper write the ad, place it in passing in front of your location, spread the word…All who wish to participate you’ll know, you’ll get an ad from hell…and you have a great evening!