What to Do with Outdated Clothes

Change of season, spring cleaning, ripulisti in the closet and the result is that you have a mountain of unused clothes, outdated, wrong or never used size that occupies the center of our room or our wardrobe and we do not know well where to store them. we would like to keep them, because “you never know”, or because in the end I’ve gotten spoiled, but we do not know where to put them; we would throw them, but it breaks my heart;we would like to give them away, but do not know to whom; we would like to sell them, but we do not know how, or rather, did not know how because I, now, I have so many beautiful perfect solution for you!


Have you ever thought about selling your clothes via Smartphone? Maybe some of you already know these nice app that allow you to sell what you do not want or do not need it more simply by taking a picture with their cell phone, adding a brief description and inserting the product sales price.

The most popular app is definitely Depop, much like Instagram as an interface and very easy to use for both buy than to sell.

Another app that is slowly taking hold in Italy is Shpock, also similar to Instagram and very simple to use, as well as Etsy, suitable especially for clothing or handmade accessories.


If you want to go more on the classic you can opt for Subito.it, online trading platform that is going really much in Italy or Ebay, but is almost always based on auction (except for Ebay ads, much like Subito.it) .

Another alternative is to give the products on consignment in online e-commerce as Solofate.it (Italian site that buys and sells accessories used-never used luxury) or Asos Marketplace (one connected to Asos platform for the buying and selling of vintage clothing and emerging brands on which you can open your own boutique in a few clicks).

In the store

Another alternative is to join the initiative of several brands that reward their customers that bring in the clothes shops that do not use anymore.

This is the case of H & M that with the initiative Garment Collecting Project allows customers to bring their leaders cast-off (of any brand) and at any in-store condition, customers return will receive a € 5 voucher for every delivered bag while H & M will take care of reusing clothes, recycling them or using them for energy.

Even Intimissimi allows you to bring in the intimate shop used granted some euro purchase of new items in shops and so does OVS which gives its customers € 5 voucher for every bag of used clothing brought into the store.

To the market with her friends!

Finally, an idea certainly more classic, is to bring clothes and accessories at a flea market. The best thing is to organize a stall with her ​​friends and spend the day in a small town trying to sell part of their wardrobe, hoping to gain some overcharged!