What to Wear with Pencil Skirt

If the shirt is the best friend of the pencil skirt, is not the only one.Do you like change the looks and style change without changing skirt? Sweater, tunic, shirt, a simple top is enough to transform.Follow the guide and draw ideas: the pencil skirt has not finished talking to her!

A classic look with my pencil skirt

No need to look too far, the classic sometimes does wonders. A pencil skirt, a blouse, and the round is played! The difference is in the detail and in the accessory. Combine a timeless white shirt with a skirt Suede, a colorful skirt in denim shirt… Or tie them on ahigh waist to revisit the whole. Add quality heels, a bag and earrings fantasy, nothing more.

My skirt pencil, rock version

Bet on originality with the most classic of skirts, is it possible? Possible and even easy, with the rock trend in full revival. Put on your most beautiful vintage t-shirt. Get it into a pencil skirt waist leather or Plaid, or solid black. Add boots or studded boots, a perfecto, or simply a grunge Plaid Shirt!

The chic sport with a pencil skirt

Here again, the trend is sport chic style on a platter: a Heather Sweatshirt or denim shirt, a long pencil skirt in jersey and sneakers low or rising, and you’re dressed. The other thing?Bank on the jewelry to break the sports effect! A collar bib on the Hoodie or a cuff at the wrist bracelet are enough, unless you opt for a large pair of earrings. But never all three at once…

My pencil, version comfort skirt

Feel well in a tight DIY pencil skirt with Healthvv, no matter its morphology ? Nothing complicated to the pencil skirt. Choose a stretch material, from jersey to the mesh, and contrast the sharp line of the skirt with a large mesh sweater or wide tunic. The cold is necessary? Add a poncho and your favorite boots, as well as good leggings thick. Attention: If you opt for a high blur, the skirt must be tight to balance the silhouette.

Glamour in pencil skirt

If it’s a sexy, skirt it is the pencil skirt. Dreaming of a feline look for Rascal go? Combine a leather skirt high waist, with a blouse opened on a delicate lingerie. And to go further, prefer a semi-transparent blouse, satin or printed veil! Just as glamorous, but less wild, a pencil lace skirt and her soft sweater turn heads… with high-heeled shoes.

The office pencil skirt

Accessory perfect business woman, the pencil skirt can be discreet office… or not. Dare the look working girl in button-down blouse, skirt to mid-calf high size and polished shoes.Unless you prefer a simpler version to assume… A blousant light top, a long blazer and a pair of Ballet flats? Or a skirt high waist, sober and adjusted, sweater with a pair of colored shoes? Customize the skirt the dress code and reinvent the look of office!