What Treat at Christmas

Every year the same story, in the end the best gifts for Christmas we always manage to them to us alone. Maybe because “he does not always” can sense and understand our desires, will be that the mother continues to give us pajamas for 20 years and that her grandmother always thinks of scarves, gloves and socks, the fact is that in the end the only gift look and rimiriamo ecstatic is what we made ​​for themselves, perhaps secretly, perhaps the last minute to reward the work and efforts of recent months.

So here’s some ideas of inspiration to think about what to give us this Christmas .

Something useful

Given that the good intentions are always the first to think of something useful that we could buy on the occasion of Christmas.  Click this link for how to choose Christmas gift. No doubt the choice should be a must-have item of clothing for winter, something that you can take advantage of long and that you keep in the closet for several seasons.

The best choice is definitely the one to bet on a coat masculine cut that would make it formal for the most important occasions, but sdrammatizzi well even the most casual look. As for the color bets on a classic color, but not trivial, such as red, beige or gray. This way you will definitely reuse your new coat for several seasons.

Something of luxury

Christmas is definitely the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to something as desired and expected, a luxury accessories that puntavate long time.

This year, instead of the always beautiful bag, opt for a pair of shoes by choosing them among the must-haves of the season. The most popular model for this winter are definitely the boots, knee-high or only to the ankle and a few cm heels. If, instead, you want to treat yourself to a different shoe then choose a pair of classic Gucci loafers or a pair of Mary Jane colorful and fun.

Finally, if you are looking for an accessory mat opt ​​for a comfortable and versatile pair of lace-ups in total black leather with some details in leather as those of Dries Van Noten.

Shimmering something

The jewels, you know, are the best friends of women, and if you are single or if your partner will never gives the right one, this is definitely a good time to choose a jewel that you like and to make you a self-gift with flakes!

Beloved are the jewels Trollbeads, a world made ​​up of many small jewel pendants, closures and modular bracelets perfect to meet all tastes and all the most important occasions.

Beautiful and super chic even ring collection “Delicate Feelings” full of flakes designed toPandora for Christmas, it is a silver jewelry with cubic zirconia, white freshwater cultured pearl, a perfect little thought to embellish hands during the festive season.

For those, however, you want to make a gift a little ‘more important here than at home Dodoarrive new beautiful pendants blacks diamonds, rubies, amethysts and tsavorites to color your bracelet Dodo and make it even more valuable.

Launched exclusively for Christmas are also the large nuggets (in white diamonds, brown diamonds and diamond blacks) and small ones available in 5 different shades designed to make special bracelets, pendants and necklaces.

Finally, a gem that will surely make you fall in love and make you radiant than ever at Christmas is the new Gucci Handmaster proposed by the fashion house in two new automatic versions. The new watches offered by the brand maintain the elegance and craftsmanship of Gucci Handmaster, but is enriched with precious details, alligator straps and elegant Gucci accents on closing and dial. The two new models, available in a limited edition of 99 numbered copies, have both the dial 40 mm and are available in black and steel or in precious and elegant version in pink gold and gray, perfect for sophisticated women and super chic.

Something funny

Under your tree you will not really miss something fun, a small and funny accessory that will enrich your winter making it more colorful and cheerful! Hence they become captive red gloves designed with Santa Claus, the cover dedicated to the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe, it warms ears in fur boots and super hairy from home wear on cold winter days.

of something clever

Finally, something clever that will make life easier especially during long lunches and long dinners of Christmas. This is the slimming pantyhose legs read Lytess: the first cosmetic in perfect shape tights to reveal the beauty of the legs from ankle to life.

In fact, thanks to the millions of microcapsules in the tights and cosmetic active ingredients, with fabric rubbing on the skin, break down gradually freeing this opaque tights makes hydrated and light silhouette and lightens your legs thanks to compression action descending from ankle to thigh.

Finally, even more important, especially at Christmas time, in just 10 days it promises to reduce by 5.5 cm waist circumference and 2.2 circumference of the basin, not bad to keep under control and measures at the expense fitness panettone and pandoro!