When the Cyclists are also Smoking

This story is real, there’s nothing fictional but today it may seem like a joke, or a joke… And it is that, in the 1920s, was common among cyclists a false belief that led them to star in scenes like that shows us this photo. The theme is believed that tobacco smoking was an advanced method of cleaning the lungs, so and increase your breathing capacity and the volume of air to capture, which increased the efficiency of the runners.

Photo of cyclists smoking in the 1920s

Nothing further from the truth. The time and the necessary advancement of science and medicine have been demonstrating that on the contrary than they thought in those years, smoking not only limits our breathing capacity, increases pulse and blood pressure, but it is very harmful for the health.

This instant show how, within the belief in those years, these hardworking cyclists try to comply with the protocols that are required to increase their performance in race. In this case smoke a cigarette. It is one part of the history of cycling in a snapshot for framing, without a doubt.

Coppi and Bartali are smoked a cigar…

If we move a few years in the marker of time, we’re going to put in 1948, a glorious time for the sport of two wheels and pedals, the time of Coppi and Bartali, one of the duos that have given more spectacle in cycling.

It is that 1948 when they wheel a film about bikers. Toto to the Giro d’ Italy is the title of a crazy Italian comedy that has to cycling as a central axis and runners like Coppi and Bartali enter its characters, which lend themselves to entering enough comic scenes in which we see them all smoking a cigar. And in addition, Coppi, supposedly the more concerned for taking care of their health, it appears smoking big cigar. If that you are smoking a cigarillo, or as in the case of Coppi a puraco… A revelation for Joaquim cigarillo Rodriguez… The magnificent Spanish runner will be charmed by this scene…

With a cigarillo Bartali and Coppi with a puraco in a scene from the film

Indeed, a movie recommended for fans to cycling through this Italian comedy can perfectly see how were the careers of those years and witness the great era in celluloid role.

Were is the cigarette smoking because they were worth it

It is not to be an example to follow, or rather than praise, but within the character and way of behaving in races, this corridor that was genius and figure, also surprised us smoking a cigarette in full competition. In fact, it’s the great Mario Cipollini , who broke this skinny, because it was worth it.

Mario smoking a cigarette

And in this post, a Cigarillo Rodriguezmention could not miss, in this case it is not that the cigar smoke literally, but the sense of humor of the catalan runner and excellent character showing, as all those who know him agree, are worthy of mention. There is Joaquim with your cigar…