Which One to Buy Laptop or Tablet

If you hesitate between buying a laptop and a Tablet, you can first discover our two guides:

  • Things to know about buying a laptop
  • Our guide to buying on tablets

The first you will discover the different formats of portable computers, with for example hybrid computers with detachable keyboard, either ultrabooks of a kilo to take anywhere. The second guide you through the different operating systems, but also the best tablets of the moment, at Google, Apple or Microsoft.

You hesitate between computer and touch Tablet laptop? The point about the uses.

While the border between the laptops and tablets becomes more and more reduced, buy the right device for their use becomes more delicate. Our advice is to to better assess your uses, in order to choose between the purchase of a Tablet hybrid, or a versatile laptop, and why not both?

To make a first opinion, discover through these 2 videos, the essential information about the tablets and laptops.

Here are three typical scenarios that can guide you:

  • You study, and are looking for a device for work and play
  • You are traveling, but still want to keep the ability to work and match
  • Looking for a 2-in-1 for fun and family use unit

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What laptop or Tablet buy to study and have fun?

If you have a regular use, and that you both want to entertain you as regular processor operations, you have two options.

First, buy a laptop: convenient and often more powerful than a Tablet, a laptop also has a comfortable keyboard and large size. An essential element for writing long documents, such as a dissertation or a thesis.

Second, you can also buy a hybrid tablet (visit http://www.liuxers.com/how-to-choose-a-tablet/), which the keyboard was designed from the outset to work with the tablet.We recommend models of Windows tablets like the Microsoft Surface or the Asus Transformer, allowing you to combine work and entertainment in a format that is compact, but also light and without compromising on the software that you can install.

Equipment for a mobile professional.

As a professional, two key uses against the tablets and laptops. Indeed, touch pads are very suitable for mobility, and are therefore recommended for certain professions such as architects, commercial or even professional of the building with some Accessories for shelves that allow to protect against many shocks or even exposure to the dust.The tablets also have a major advantage over most laptops: many models can receive a 4 G SIM card for full mobility without additional accessories.

However, laptops, more suited to text entry, will better accompany professionals looking for a powerful and portable hardware, without sacrifice on comfort of use on a daily basis in the consultation of documents, nor in writing emails or presentations.

Computer or Tablet for family use?

As professionals, you hesitate between buying the touchpad of your dream or install a multimedia laptop computer in your living room? Depending on your use, as well as your family situation.

With children at an early age, one tablet is perfect for family use! Retouching and photo printing on printer wifi, games but also playing movies and series: the tablets are gifted. And with adequate protection, no need to check what the children are doing with! So you can buy a touchscreen Tablet Android or iOs and enjoy at any time of the day.

Once the children are in the second part of primary, a laptop will be however more suitable: through specific software learning, but also for making presentations or simply for an advanced office practice.

In all cases, such as the Microsoft Surface touchscreen Tablet hybrid and professional is also a solution to consider: with a powerful processor and the possibility to connect keyboard and mouse, all solutions are possible, as long as you have fun with your family!

You have made your choice? To go further, check out our article on how well choose his Tablet and on laptops buying guide.