Why Invent the Bra

Study of 15 years suggests that bras are not so helpful that we did believe, to fight against back pain or promote posture. Although the precise opposite Jean-Denis Rouillon, the doctor of French sport at the origin of this work.

Generations of women in error? Since ancient times, the bras or clothes playing the same function exist. Their objectives are multiple: prevent breasts from falling, fight against back pain or promote a straight posture. Yet these underwear would be  a “false necessity” for Jean-Denis Rouillon, sports physician at Besançon University Hospital and professor at the University of Franche-Comté.

This doctor has just completed a study on the usefulness of the bra for sports with buying tips (at http://www.payhelpcenter.com/2016/how-to-buy-sports-bras/), conducted among 330 women since 1997. Not being (yet?) The subject of a publication, this work would bring arguments attesting to the lack of interest of such an accessory to lingerie. If not for amateurs lace …

Female subjects of this research were 18 to 35 years, and among them, there are bras at least a for high-level sports. Important data to identify because of the admission of Jean-Denis Rouillon, the sample is not representative and it is premature to conclude.

The bra distorts the suspensory breast tissue

Nevertheless, these women removed their bras everyday now tell feel better without a sense of oppression seizing them when their breasts artificially maintained again. The anatomical measures go in the same direction: the doctor, armed with a rule, found that the nipples dated back 7 mm per year over the shoulder when the breasts were not locked up in a bra. Overall same, chest would tend to strengthen and stretch marks disappear.

The specialist has their own hypothesis. According to him, the fact of supporting the breasts by underwear when they start to grow would, in the long term, the distension of suspensory tissues or degradation. A bit like an elastic gradually becoming inoperative. So women are created this dependency, while in letting nature take its course, they may have never needed to wear.

Remain still moderate: in some cases, the bra is essential, and Jean-Denis Rouillon do not deny it.Moreover, a 2007 study of 132 women stated that this lingerie does not prevent the breasts from falling. The authors concluded that even had three parameters primarily influencing this phenomenon: age, history of smoking and the number of pregnancies. Thus, a mother of 50 who have given birth to three children have greater need of a bra that 20 year old woman. Moreover, as was recently found for the penis, size can also count. A D cup is more likely to point to the ground than a B-cup This setting should also be taken into account to consider the usefulness or not to raise her breasts.

Why invent the bra?

This thesis defended if we take a step back on the history of humanity. Considering only the skeletons Omo 1 and 2, Homo sapiens about 200,000 years and that the bra is worn for 2,500 years, women are past bustier during most of the time: the female body seems adapted to live without.

Nevertheless, this underwear has at one time or another been manufactured. Why? Was it because the breasts discomfort generated against which some women wanted to fight? For aesthetic criteria?For other reasons? Additional studies are needed. Until they have all the answers, the bra still seems to have a bright future ahead of him.