Why Wax are Cyclists Legs?

Cycling is an ancient question and so much that, as you already have in the uncle of el Mazo, cyclist Italian from the beginning of the 20th century, Giovanni Gerbi , or ‘Red Devil’ as he was nicknamed, already established the custom of hair removal. In addition, did both legs as the own head; a pioneer in cycling as we told you in your day.

Sure, on more than one occasion someone has asked you (to which you depiláis for legs for the practice of cycling): “and that, what is? In what feels carry plucked legs?”

As well, we will try to answer these questions:

The first thing that may come to the head are the aerodynamic issues; Since from the point of view of the physical a, in particular of the mechanics, the CX (aerodynamic penetration coefficient), with the shaved wins aerodynamics; It is true, but very little, it also must be said. This reason, not for being the first mentioned is the most important.

There are those who think that they do solely for aesthetic reasons, to show the powerful musculature of the extremity, it is not the case, at least the most common or that practitioners of wax.

The legs of cyclists has neither ‘or a beautiful hair’

Cyclists, basic and foremost, wax your legs with the main aim of preventing infections. So, the bike falls are often small abrasions or superficial burns that are easier to cure and heal if the legs are completely devoid of hair, argue the sports doctors.

Another reason for this hair is due to practices issues. I mean, most of the riders apply copiously creams for massage and warm up the muscles before the effort. Contact ointment with leg hair is pretty nasty, as hairs become entangled and cause small annoyances, according to confess the riders and as you have been able to experience many of you.