With EasyHome for Samsung Galaxy the Home Button Is Pressed No More, It Touches Only

The problem of physical buttons is always the same: for someone will be more comfortable, more immediate, but the risk to break or wear out, especially with heavy use, there is. Now almost all smartphone manufacturers have switched to virtual touch keys, or even as an integral part of the interface. Among the “diehards” remains Samsung and Apple (maybe not for long?).

If you want to preserve the life of the Home button of your Galaxy, you should take a look at EasyHome, an app out recently (by the same developers of great Heads Off, inter alia) that “transforms” the physical touch key. Magic? Not really: the app leverages the fingerprint scanner built into the button. Cannot read the data that it transmits, but knows when there is a finger on; and it binds the command “back to home” of Android.

Moreover, for those who decide to purchase the full version (just under € 2), you can also turn the ignition display with long tap -as long as you have not activated the release system with fingerprints.

The operation? Very good, almost perfect at first, quick test of several hours between the editors. Easyhome works with all Samsung devices equipped with a fingerprint scanner,