WOOFit JAM-Great Sound on the Go [Test]

WOOFit JAM from SACKit’s new wireless speaker from sækkestolfabrikken that can serve as a stereo pair.

Our site we have previously been impressed by speakers from sækkestols factory SACKit. We have reviewed the WOOFit, there is a small compact bluetooth speaker that quality goes far over the many plastic products on the market.

Now we’ve got a new product from SACKit in through the door. WOOFit JAM is a slightly larger rechargeable speaker that fully charged, can provide musical entertainment for up to 18 hours. We have looked after the product at the seams.

WOOFit JAM was very easy to connect to both smartphone and tablet via Bluetooth. Associated went there not many seconds before the music flowed out of the speaker.

The sound was clear, clean and well balanced. The only thing I missed was a little bottom in the bass, but your speaker size taken into account one could probably not expect much more.

Stereo pair

We had gotten two speakers to the test, and therefore I was curious as to how complicated setup would be. A double click on a button on both speakers, and shortly after had the devices found each other in stereo Symphony.

The sound was more nuanced and stereo feature worked quite optimal. I missed, however, still a little bottom in the bass, but for a smaller local did the speakers it perfectly fine.

I tried me through several rooms of my townhouse, and note that the loudspeakers made it excellent in smaller spaces as kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The living room was, however, too large for WOOFit JAM, where the soundstage simply became too flimsy.

Hands-free mobile calls

WOOFit JAM also has built-in microphone, and can thus also be used for hands-free calls. Calls can be answered quickly by pressing the handset at the top of the receiver.

Although WOOFit JAM cannot be compared with expensive purchased speakers from HiFi-Club, I definitely think that we get a good and solid speaker, there will be good for smaller spaces or as a portable device.
A speaker can in itself be enough for the Office or the bathroom, but if you want better sound or music in slightly larger space, you can invest in two speakers. WOOFit JAM costs 999 dollars per unit.

I will definitely highlight the possibility to form stereo pair, and musical mobility with a battery of 4,400 mAh that provides playback for up to 18 hours. Is, on the other hand, HiFi-geek to the fingertips, one should probably stay far away, and instead look for other and more expensive products.

WOOFit JAM is clearly an interesting product that could be a good julegaveide for gadgetfreaks and music lovers. WOOFit JAM is hanging in the balance for 5 stars, but get big and beautiful 4 out of 6 stars.

Update-Extra long battery life

After our review, the manufacturer made us aware of the fact that the battery is further improved, then it should be able to keep a minimum of 18 hours.