Xiaomi, First SoC Owners to Market in 2016 | Rumor

Over the past few months have chased with some insistence rumor about intention to Xiaomi to enter the market of System-On-Chip for its mobile devices.

Like all the “big”, the Chinese company wants to propose its own solution of custom processors, following the example of Samsung with the Exynos, Huawei with Kirin, and in a sense Apple with serie A. It is said that the partners for their realization will lead core, a Chinese company is smaller than compatriot MediaTek, and known mainly for focus on ultra-market economic range.

Xiaomi has already probed the ground suggesting the Chinese market a variant of Redmi 2, Redmi 2A, with SoC Leadcore. Does a miracle for the power but has the advantage of having a fraction of the cost: 79 € for a processor that, benchmarks, easily beating the much more famous Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 , SoC that Motorola, Nokia/Microsoft and many others have proven to be more than valid everyday operations.

The success of Redmi 2A “Leadcore edition” has convinced Xiaomi that the partnership can work. The latest rumors suggest that Xiaomi had acquired by ARM all licenses required to freely edit the design of processor architectures. The first SoC owner should arrive in 2016, and will always be doomed to low/medium range of the market.