Xiaomi Teaser for the Year’s First Flagship

There are few days left until the launch of something large, thin and curved with Chinese Xiaomi.

It is not unusual to mobile manufacturers teaser ahead of a major product launch-and it’s even the Xiaomi makes on the company’s facebook page prior to a major event about 3 days.

The launch will be Xiaomis fifth flagship mobile, a phone which is expected, like its predecessors, delivering impressive specifications for a significantly lower price than with established manufacturers.

The actual facebook entry contains a video with small statements about the upcoming topmobil. The small sentences missing words like left to the viewer’s imagination, but it does not require much skill to guess to the Xiaomi becomes: ‘ Thin ‘ as the paper, the ‘ major ‘ the better and ‘ curved ‘ as a Bell.

It seems, therefore, to the year’s first curved mobile, LG G Flex 2, soon gets himself a curvilinear rival. Leaked specifications , however, pointing to the mechanics of Mi5 will accommodate 2014 processor Snapdragon 801 and 2 GB of RAM, ratcheted under the Snapdragon 810 octa-core as G Flex 2 can boast of.

Lanceringseventet will run by staff on 15. January at 07:00 Danish time. You can read more on Xiaomi facebook page here.