YotaPhone 2: Hands-on with YotaPhone Director

View YotaPhone Director Vlad Martynov present the latest installment from the Russian mobile manufacturer.

At the end of 2014 was YotaPhone 2 presented, and the Russian company was, of course, also to find at this year’s CES trade show where Phandroid got a small talk with the company’s Director while he showed off the new unit.

YotaPhone distinguishes itself by having not just one but two monitors. A plain LCD screen on the front and an e-ink display on the back. The trick is, to an e-ink screen consumes very little power compared to an LCD screen, but on the other hand, also shows only shades of gray. Instead of turning on the power-hungry LCD screen, can it be with a YotaPhone using the back to check the weather, read his mail and so on-and thus achieve a significantly improved battery life.

The video below shows YotaPhone Director Vlad Martynov as Viewer YotaPhone 2, he presents a number of features, some of them are quite simple and half-boring, for example, the phone’s ability to change background image on e-ink screen.
He emphasizes, however, a new interesting feature, namely that it is possible to mirror the Android interface on the e-ink display, you can pretty much do everything you want on e-ink screen to save power-of course with the limitations of the actual screen sets, such as a somewhat reduced refresh rate.

The primary is on 5 inch LCD display with 1080 p resolution, e-ink screen has a resolution of 960×540 pixels which translates to 235 ppi. It also has a Snap dragon 800 processor, 8 megapixel camera, 2 GB of RAM and a battery on 2.500 mAh

YotaPhone 2 is launched to start with in 20 countries, including Denmark, at a cost of just over 5,000 NOK.