YouTube Working Again on Android-Powered Devices-Such as

For a long time have YouTube worked incredibly unstable on Android-powered devices. But now Google is ready with the solution.

If your YouTube app on the Android device is the latest piece of time works so badly that the videos could have hardly played, then there is good news.

Google has just posted an update to YouTube, so the videos and the app again works.

The criticism has gone on videos that “froze”, slow loading of HD-video and irritation by constantly by be logged out.

The problem should now be resolved, claiming Google, after the release of a new version of their Android application.

The new update includes a new layout for the “my subscriptions”, where new videos appear in a single easy flow, with the newest videos at the top.

YouTube for Android can be downloaded via Google Play.

However, I have found that the problems are not completely gone. On HTC One I get the message “Your account is not associated with a YouTube account”. In addition, “YouTube is unfortunately stopped” message when I try to play videos.

About my problems are of a general nature is an open question. But share your experiences in the comments box below.