Zara Convoca Smiley Per Una T-shirt

In the words of the famous popular saying? Smile that the ciel helps you, it seems to me, right? And this must be one of the considerations that hides behind the birth of “smilies” or emoticons that we all use today to express with immediate effect a mood or emotion, and which owe their popularity not only to ‘directness of the language, but also to the absence of limits, whether geographical, cultural or language. Originally Smiley was born just like a single face (today there are an infinite number and tell all possible emotions, from happiness to sadness, to confusion and so on in an infinite number of states of mind) which, needless to say, smiled.

Soon the famous Smiley in its most classic version, the one happy, meet one of the strongest Spanish giants, Zadar. They are in fact scheduled for April of the special t-shirt made ​​of organic cotton, designed to be inserted between the maternity’s clothing racks that Zara will be selling at a price that appears is around 17 euro in all its boutiques around the world, with the exception of the Japanese, and that have as protagonist the Smiley, in fact. an immediate way to make it clear who we meet that we are in a good mood.

But good humor will surely Nicolas Loufrani, founder and CEO of “The Smiley Company”, the company that manages the happy little face, which in fact said he was proud of the result of the prestigious partnership and “sure it’s the teenagers that the youth of the world whole will love”.