ZTE Axon Elite in the Test

Who would like to abandon a big brand name on his Smartphone, can save a lot of money with the ZTE Axon elite. We have tested the Android phone.

  1. ZTE Axon elite in the test
  2. ZTE Axon elite: endurance, acoustics and conclusion

For expensive purchases, many people rely on big names. Because relying on proven often protects against errors. But manufacturers require an extra fee for the Nimbus of brand like. There, a little understatement when choosing a top smartphones can save well several 100 euros. In the case of the ZTE Axon, elite also is available in Germany of but still little-known, internationally but vast manufacturer behind the product. Nearly 70000 employees are working for the Chinese mobile phone specialists who regularly listed among the top 5 of Smartphone manufacturers.

Identifiable class

With the ZTE Axon he sent his top model in the connect-laboratory test elite. This remains the recommended retail price 449 euro well below what many others for their own flagships require. Nevertheless elite is the claim at the axon autonomy he already purely externally unmistakably. So the large display is a filleted edges Gorilla glass protected, scratch should remain a foreign word that. Up and down fine, wide frets for the covering of speakers and microphones enclosing the display. You give the axon elite a distinctive appearance, which does not often succeed in the uniform world of mobile phones.

The rear cover following the trend of the metal and is located with a structure that is similar to sand-blasted and anodized aluminium, pleasantly cool in your hand. Top and bottom held synthetic leather strips that allow the antenna unshielded contact with the world can be found in body color. The values in the radio measurements thank the designer this material mix, especially in UMTS and LTE sends and receives the elite at a very high level. To have is the top model of the axon series only in the pictured, ZTE described as gold color, which rather reminiscent of champagne.

Lush appearance at the axon elite

Under the clean processed shell, ZTE has packed a plump trim package that needs to fear no comparison. A 8-qual-comm core with up to 2 gigahertz achieves smooth motion clock frequency, 3 gigabytes of memory to work. In the longer term are stored the data in 32 gigabytes of Flash memory, are available through 22 for the users of these. That’s not enough, a micro SD card can add about a card slot.

Then, you must but forgo the operation of two SIM cards – because the axon elite established the dual-SIM operation in the top class of the equipment. The combined base contains a Nano-SIM and memory card or two Nano-SIMs. Also the fingerprint scanner and the iris scanner as access barriers are a luxury. Both had worked in the test operating reliably and easily. In addition the axon elite supports all wireless standards, a Smartphone enthusiast can expect in this country, even NFC can be activated if necessary.

The display is the most important component of a Smartphone, and here too, ZTE has taken in the full: with 5.5 inch diagonal display is good size, also most finely resolved 1080 x 1920 pixels. Thereby, it is bright enough for outdoor operation at Sunshine thanks to IPS technology very angle stable and with 376 candela per square meter.

Endurance and acoustics

A large display of course, vigorously consumes at the battery, the ZTE consequently mAh exceptionally potent sets out with 3000. Thus, the large Smartphone achieved a runtime 6:47 hours of constant use in the typical application mix. That is very well seen Michael, the most successful models of the connect leaderboard do more but still one to two hours. Endurance is expected beyond good and evil on the phone.

The lush amenities with large screen and strong battery has impact on the manageability: in particular the weight of 170 grams and the depth of less than 10 millimeters be slightly above what is usual for some much more expensive competitors. The axon loses even when voice quality in reception direction elite something: our laboratory here complaining about low volume reserves and a somewhat thin sound. By the axon elite seised is not it and will sound best served as fully convince at all the other readings. Even when playing music via the headphone jack, the ZTE does an excellent job with its Klirr – interference poverty and its extended frequency response.

Conclusion: solid equipment at a small price

In terms of connectivity, memory, processor, display and luxury features, the ZTE need fear no comparison, and also it shows high engineering. Who can dispense with perfection in some, a few readings, and on one of the two big names on the last ounce, comes here far more Smartphone for the money than is customary.