Image of The Week: by Each HTC There Are Three LG, Four Xperia and Twelve Galaxy in Spain

Home of the Spaniards there are approximately 5.3 electronic devices per capita, and the King is already the smartphone. According to a study by TNS Spain, has been infografiado Expansion, 83 percent of Spaniards already has a Smartphone.

Three of every four, 76% in particular, have the Green Android operating system, somewhat less than in previous years. Among them, Samsung remains the King, with 35% of the purchased phones. Put in relation, we could see that per HTC phone we have three LG devices, four Xperia and no less than twelve Galaxy an approximate.

In the tablet format also there is dominance of the Korean giant, with 21% of accumulated, entering the global computing devices the Spanish BQ with 9% of devices. Acer, Asus, or the same Nexus, take a pinch in market share. You can go through computer graphics to read full details on other devices.