Overview: The Definitive Test of Galaxy S4, Cheap iPhone Model Confirmed and MobilePay Ready from Our Site

Read, among other things, the final test of the top model Samsung Galaxy S4 and much more in this week’s overview.

One of the most anticipated smartphones this year, if not the most anticipated, is Samsung Galaxy S4 and you can read the final review of the sequel to the popular and highly successful Galaxy S III.

We have the past week also brought the test of Huawei Ascend Y300, as is a phone that can be obtained for just below 1,000 dollars without subscription – read how it fared through the test.

And the cheap smartphones is where manufacturers really can get more customers, that is why there has been further rumors of an inexpensive iPhone-model. According to the website Etrade Supply then the cheaper iPhone model confirmed.

The past week has also featured application MobilePay from our site, which means those who have downloaded the application can transfer money via a mobile phone number. The application works to all who have either Android or iPhone, no matter which bank you have.