How to Match a Summer Dress

The coral is a rather gaudy and who became very fashionable, yet we sometimes doubts about how to marry her with the rest of our wardrobe. You don’t have to worry to worry about. Find what goes well with a coral suit is very simple! Take note, as we explain on Our site How to combine a summer dress.

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How to Choose a Smartphone

The choice of a smartphone does not lightly. Before begin you, you must consider several criteria, ranging from the size of the screen to the battery. Here are a few items to buy without fool you.

In the 1990s, a mobile phone was simply used to make calls and send SMS. But today, consumers are demanding much more. Browse the Internet, read emails, post photos on Instagram, watch videos or even pass the time playing Angry birds… The Nokia 3310 gradually ceded a way to smartphones, real pocket computers. Continue reading

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Outfits to Beat the Heat

We just passed the days warmer in recent months, says the TV and especially temperatures make us sweat !! To TG I heard that the fault is of a certain Scipio which initially reminded me only my years spent in the classroom in high school classic… then I realized it was the dell’anticiclone name that made ​​us literally melt in these 10 days !! But you think it’s over here?? No way! A few days of rest and then it comes back to having to deal with record-breaking temperatures, it is coming … even my memories Charon the ferryman of the underworld told by Dante they come forward, but I think they have appointed so not so much for her work and for the hellish temperatures will give us!! That’s why I tried these days to wear outfits that would guarantee me 3 things: freshness, convenience and practicality.

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Marsala Makeup Products

As you know 2015 will be the year of Marsala, as chosen by Pantone color of the year.

It is a stylish red, pink sand color reminiscent of the wine from which it takes its name, and a warm shade like bordeaux It gives almost all and that, especially in the field of make-up, will give you great satisfaction!
The marsala, in fact, become one of your valuable ally and will be perfect as an eyeshadow, like nail polish, such as lipstick, and finally, like a warm touch of blush on the cheeks.

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How to Pick Earrings for Your Face

Let it be said, all pairs of earrings do not attend all women. That’s why we’re here today, to help you find the right model, the right shape, because at each […] The article after the slider. Let it be said, all pairs of earrings do not go to all women. That’s why we’re here today, to help you find the right model, the right shape, because at each morphology of the face his pair of loops… What, then, are the earrings adapted to the shape of your face?

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Top Best Looks in Sneakers Spotted on Pinterest

You have a pair of sneakers and you do not know how you dress? These looks in sneakers spotted on Pinterest will give you ideas.

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Different Types of Lamps

The lamps are not only used to illuminate the inside (or outside) of a dwelling. Indeed, some are mainly used for public and industrial lighting due to their high luminous efficacy and long service life.They are also lamps that are to run continuously for maximum power. discharge lamps, black light or UV lamps … Here around you every day.

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Moss Wall Clock

Moss clock designed by the design studio Noktuku is a clock that will plunge the time into a soft and natural environment.

The framework of this clock is made of Baltic Birch plywood, it is made entirely by hand.

Externally visible logo is laser engraved.

On the side of the clock pad, it takes about 2 kg of raw and untreated foam for each clock. Continue reading

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How to Choose Perfect Jeans

The jeans, you know, is a must. And this is not discussed. But the choice is sometimes really difficult pulls, tightens, highlights the rolls, is lacking behind, it’s too long, too short, that effort! Experience for yourself this evil sense of inadequacy whenever you are in the dressing room holding the “potential right jeans”? To me it happens all the time, so here’s some advice for you, to rule ruthlessly everything that does not suit you, especially if you’re not a classical 90-60-90. Ready?

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What Camera Should I Choose?

For my part, I chose the Nikon D5200, why? Because it offered me everything I needed at a competitive price. I did not need a touch screen, but a rotating screen was not debatable: I needed.Its interface was also very much more attractive than the competition: Canon. In short, it is the best, according to my research, at this price, which is also very attractive! If I had not needed a more massive size, the Sony A6000 was my choice, and if my budget would not have limit, I would have chosen the Panasonic GH4! Ultimately, there is no perfect camera, but he has a good budget for YOU and YOUR needs! The D5200 was good for ME, but it may not be good for YOU!

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Plus Size London Fashion Week

We are excited! It’s time, a brand-new designer collection for plus size will be presented today in Germany: Unusual cuts, modern pattern, figure hugging silhouettes. The beautiful trend-parts are not only super modern, but also affordable.

As of today, there is the first design creations for Plus Size by designers such as Giles Deacon, Lulu Liu and Vita Gottlieb, which were presented in September at the first Plus Size Fashion Show as part of London Fashion Week. In total there are 12 garments – Launch II is scheduled for June.

From catwalk at London Fashion Week in your Garberobe!

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How to Buy Shoes Online

Private Firm, The Outlet Club With Many Discounts

Made service:  yes, free of charge, within 14 or 30 days (dependent)
Offers:  is based precisely on the offers.
Strong point:  a few products at a time, but if you are careful you will find great bargains

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Alexandra Engen MTB

MTB: Alexandra Engen was an eleventh place in damelit today’s best Swede in the World Championships in Austria. Emil Lindgren was 21st in herrelit, and Emil Linde 26th in the men’s junior.

Even the third WORLD CUP-the day went in the Swiss character. They took the full pot in herrelit, and had three riders in the top twenty. Of the three Swedes who competed today reached the OLYMPICS-sixth grade Alexandra Engen best placement with his 11th place in damelit.

The women’s elite race was a display of the young Olympic gold medalist Julie Bresset. She rode away from all the competitors immediately after startloopen.  Continue reading

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Guide to Freshwater Pearls

The Origins of the Freshwater Pearls

A Long Chinese History

The cultured freshwater pearls Chinese spread exponentially in the international market around 1970, but the reality is very different, the cultivation of freshwater pearls began in CHINA a lot of centuries ago. From ancient Chinese manuscripts, in fact, it could be shown that already in the thirteenth century , the cultivation of blister pearls was widely practiced in this country.

It will be at Shun Yu Yang that historians attributed the merit of having started the cultivation of blister pearls (by means of shellfish species of lake Taihu that Cristaria plicata). Continue reading

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Favorite Bags & Shoes

How to wear rhinestones cover?

Version working girl, you can wear a beautiful silk blouse with high-waisted pants and wedge shoes and a black pouch with Rhinestones.

Evening version, you can opt for an outfit composed of a rather long black dress and adjusted with heel bootsideally leather and an envelope to not beige rhinestone expensive what either large brand or small marks.

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The 6 Best Reusable Water Bottles

You water from the bottle reusable bottles rather than plastic bottles, it’s better for your health’ and for the environment. Here’s our list of the best products.

KOR ONE Hydration Vessel

Manufactured with polypropylene without biphenol A, these elegant bottles enhances the flat water of several notches. Each special edition of these bottles is funding a cause different, obviously linked to the water – blue for the protection of the oceans, green for the protection of hydrological, orange basins for the recycling of containers and Pink for the fight against the global crisis of drinking water. Continue reading

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How to Choose Treggings

Today, I went to you looking for the perfect tregging. A garment that became in a few years it-pants, is the room that is comfortable to wear that will give a touch of rock and glam’ to any one of your outfits.

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Where to Buy Mobile Phones

3 French mobile phone operators have specialty shops. In these shops, the price of a phone is based on the length of commitment that you will take (12 or 24 months), the amount or the type of package, and any loyalty points.

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Baby Bedding Sets for Boy

Linen Single Guys

Bed guy should buy based on his age and preferences. For children 3 to 5 years is better to get a smooth cotton sets a relaxed tone. The lack of decoration, the volume of applications, sloppy stitching – mandatory requirements for beds for young children. Cotton tight sets, in turn, will suit an energetic young is characterized by a high degree of practicality.

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Colorful Spring Outfits

The editors of is pleased to present you a new editor, Valentina Bowl, blog Piusc2011, which will complement our head readattrice Irene.

These days rain and snow accompanied us on a daily basis and the greyness of time has influenced the mood (on my for sure!!). But not for long! The spring will come in the blink of an eye and the peach trees will soon blossom with their fantastic fragrant buds and so cute. And there will be a great blast of color in the new season! I love the colors. This Spring 2012 will really see many. For a metereopatica like me that even in the winter wearing lemon yellow to feel “Solar”, this is really a wedding invitation.

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Choosing LED Bulb is Simple

LED bulbs have the advantages of having a longer life and be economical, low energy consumption. Currently, the supply of bulbs is very wide, depending on your needs you can find bulbs of different types of materials, shapes, angles, colors, lighting, power, etc. To select the LED bulbs , we must consider some important criteria.

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How to Maintain Your Sleeping Bag

In all cases, that your bag is down or synthetic, avoid wearing it for cleaning dry! Prefer a washing machine or even better… in the bathtub!

Synthetic: wash at 40 ° C without fabric softener, light spin, not dryer, hang in the open air. Use a mild soap for wool. It can be washed frequently.

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Maglite LED Flashlight Review

Maglite is a rather suggestive name even for novices who are not in the middle. Indeed, the manufacturer of flashlights Maglite has a huge reputation to the point that today speaks of it as a common object and not a brand. Let us now review the new range of LED torches Maglight (yes before Maglight were incandescent with a Maglite bulb ).

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How to Choose the Right Scented Candle

Most high-scented candles used for the purpose of scenting the air in the home fragrance oils. However, there are also scented candles that contain essential oils. This second type has a plurality of plugs used in aromatherapy. If you search long enough, you are sure to find the right scent that will allow you to relax, help cure chronic illness or simply soothe the soul. Offer highly scented candles is wide and if you still can not choose, there is the possibility to have a candle made to order, or make it at home.

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How to Buy a Corset

Female, classic, timeless elegance – corsets as a form completer feminine beauty

Corsets and bustiers are often confused and so it is essential that you know the essential main differences between these clothes. If you want to buy a corset, you should know that both products are counted for lingerie. Nevertheless, it is now common practice to wear these wonderful female accessories also visible over the other garments.

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Advantages of Using Inkjet Printer

Print a picture of grandpa and grandma, scan a business card, or photocopy a document … So many possible uses thanks to printers and scanners. Follow our tips for choosing your printing apparatus.


  • Why choose an inkjet printer?
  • Why choose a laser printer?
  • Want to print your photos at home?
  • Single-function or multifunction?
  • Printer Wi-Fi or Ethernet?
  • What scanner to choose?

Why choose an inkjet printer?

Versatile: photos, documents with images, text… Inkjet printers are comfortable both in the printing of office files that photo. Everyone is benefiting. She knows everything!

Photo quality: if you regularly print photos, an inkjet printer is for you. Indeed, the liquid ink provides the best color quality and detail to printed images. Your photos will look great.

Performance: bet on a model with a high printing speed (greater than 20 ppm) and a large sheet tray: it will optimize the output speed of your documents but also the playback speed. To fax, an average speed of 3 seconds per page is recommended.

Toys on demand, a case for your smartphone or a replacement screws … Today, 3D printing opens the door to a new way of making its objects. How it works ? Is it easy? What can we do with it? We met XYZ Printing, the maker of 3D printers!

Now print no longer done only on a sheet of paper! The impression takes relief. After imposed in the professional world, she entered private homes.

What can I do with a 3D printer?

This is THE question on everyone’s lips when speaking of these devices. Indeed, before so many creative possibilities, we can not know what to do. After working at XYZ, I came to realize that printers are primarily intended:

  • To printer followers of the “online shopping“, artists, collectors or amateurs. Creation of figurines, jewelry or to decorative objects, 3D printers allow you to easily create your projects.
  • For individuals, it can be convenient to print mobile shell, a unique toy or a lost or broken item of furniture for example. Imagine, nothing prevents you from creating a complete chess game unique: original color, custom shape … We were able to see the impression of a chess piece (the fool in this case). It is stunning.
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What Shoes to Take on holiday

What shoes is best to bring on vacation? Meanwhile, a few. It then depends on the holiday. Here are our recommendations

Ready to go? With the summer now coming many are preparing to holidays. It may be a month or just a weekend, but there is always the problem of the shoes.

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Maternity Jeans Online Shopping

The shops where they are

You have, of course, the brands that specialize in pregnancy clothes. But know that you will also find maternity jeans in the shops of ready-to-wear well-known such as H & M, Zara, Gap, etc. so go take a look.

Pietro Brunelli For what is the pros, there is first the Italian designer Pietro Brunelli. Is the star of the John of pregnancy. These trousers are made in Italy in the same factory as the Diesel jeans, and that’s really the difference. These jeans are low-rise with elastic medium and are worth € 145.

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