Samsung S2 Gear, Full Qwerty Keyboard with Nimble Keyboard

The holders of the smartwatch Samsung S2 Gears are used to using their wearable device to monitor physical activity, take a look at the weather forecast, check notifications and even respond to messages received through ‘s Voice or the small keypad T9-style inside the software. From today it will also be possible to interact with messages by typing text through the full qwerty keyboard of Agile Keyboard, an app developed by The Hoang available on the store dedicated to the smartwatch Gear from Samsung.

The app supports dozens of emoticons and can be enabled through the settings menu > clock input. It won’t be easy to type alphanumeric characters on a display by 1.2 inches, but to 0.90 cents you can add a third option of writing on your Gear. Continue reading

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Alcatel OneTouch Shows at CES Its New Range of Device 2016 Pixi 4

As anticipated in the past few days, Alcatel OneTouch officially announced at CES 2016going to Vegas his new range of smartphones and tablets Pixi 4.

Based on Android platform (5.1 in view but when they come on the market Marshmallow 6.0), the range Pixi 4 consists of two smartphones with display from 3.5 “and 4”, a phablet by 6 inches and a 7 inch tablet.

The Pixi 4 from 3.5-inch 320 x 480 pixel resolution, has a dual core processor 1 GHz, 512 MB of MediaTek MT6572M RAM, a 2 megapixel rear camera, front VGA and 4 GB of onboard memory expandable. Continue reading

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HTC and Under Armour Announced the Fitness Integrated System UA Products Portfolio

2016 during the CES in Las Vegas, HTC Corp. and Under Armour have announced UA products portfolio, integrated fitness system designed by HTC and powered by UA Recordsable to measure and manage data related to the health, physical activity, sleep and nutrition for your users.

UA products portfolio is composed by smartband UA Band, the heartbeat detector UA Heart Rate and smart balance UA Stairs, all connected with UA Record for seamless integration of data collected. Continue reading

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Started Mass Production of Xiaomi Mi 5: Since February with Snapdragon 820

Eagerly awaited, postponed last year for “lack of a suitable processor”, finally everything is ready for the debut of Xiaomi Mi 5. The smartphone is officially in production so that they can be sold from February in China. The phone will be really important to the manufacturer as it belongs to a new generation of smartphones and goes to dramatically improve the current top of the line 4 Me.

It will also be the first Xiaomi with Snapdragon 820 (officially confirmed), processor highly anticipated but still “at large” since even at CES 2016 the LeTV smartphone has proved to be a prototype. Continue reading

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Lenovo Vibe S1 Lite Compact Midrange, for Those Who Love Selfie 

Al 2016 CES Lenovo is not present only with tablets, ultrabooks, convertible, AiO and Chromebook: there is even a smartphone, and it’s called Vibe S1 Lite. Despite the similarities in name with the Vibe S1 announced at IFA 2015, the data sheet does not reveal many similarities, although you may receive the focus on a very specific aspect, that of the front camera. Here we have a dual-cam setup as in Vibe S1, but there is a LED flash and an 8 MPsensor of prvenienza Sony, with a view to five lenses. Lenovo also shows us what you translate all these specifications, but it does not explain what the smartphone. Continue reading

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BlackBerry Relies Entirely on Android: All Its Devices of 2016 Will Be Based on the Google OS

In an interview during the ongoing CES 2016 in Las Vegas, John Chen, CEO of Blackberry, let himself go to some interesting statements regarding strategies that Canadian society has plans to undertake during the 2016. In particular, Chen announced that it will launch a new device in the year, which could follow a second by the end of 2016, both based on Android.

The 2015 was an unusual year for Blackberry, since we have seen the launch of Blackberry Priv, the first smartphone based on Android created by the Canadian producer. Thanks to the excellent work by Blackberry on Android, the abandonment of the proprietary operating system BlackBerry 10 did not have negative consequences as regards the high safety standards to which the company has used its customers over the years, however, a very high price and a highly niche form factors have not helped many Blackberry Priv to get the expected success. Continue reading

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Huawei Mate 8 and Nexus 6 p Gold: Unboxing from CES Las Vegas 2016

Huawei has presented new smartphones at CES 2016, for the Mate 8 has in fact been a simple opening to other markets after the initial debut in China. We’ve already met briefly during our visit in their headquarters in Shenzhen, but now we can look into that since they have just come into possession.

Life at CES is so busy that there was no time even to unpack the newcomers, in plural, because together with the Mate 8 also came a Nexus 6 p Gold for ‘ it, waiting at least 45 minutes to reward us first of all before the doors of the press conference. So we decided to doa quick unboxing and show you what is inside the packaging, although for the Nexus won’t be much of a surprise since it’s already available for months. The packaging of Mate 8 is certainly more prepared, so much of in-ear earphones included, Crystal and the packaging of the Nexus is a bit more Spartan in comparison. Continue reading

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The Entire Lineup of Spigen Houses for Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 does not fall certainly among the best kept secrets from Samsung. There are still several weeks for the official launch of the Terminal, scheduled shortly before the opening of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but the network is already crowded with rumor and render that leave very little room for the imagination of users.

To contribute further thinks Spigen, one of the most famous manufacturers of covers and accessories, according to what you can see in the pictures placed below, seems to have “accidentally” released on Amazon USA (promptly removed) throughout its entire lineup of houses dedicated to the entire Galaxy series S7. The cover shown, in fact, are dedicated to well 4 different versions of S7 and more precisely the S7, S7, S7 Plus Galaxy Edge and S7 Plus. Continue reading

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Oneplus X Ceramic Edition Will Be Available from Tomorrow in India

After the huge success recorded by OnePlus with the first One, the Chinese company unveiled in 2015 OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X, two new devices intended to repeat the exploits of their forerunner.

With X, OnePlus enters for the first time in the category of midrange products, proposing a smartphone characterized by excellent technical specifications and a robust and stylish package.

Available in Onyx, Ceramic and Champagne, the product is made of glass and metal and offers the OS Oxygen OS based on Android 5.1 Lollipop. It is equipped with a Full HD AMOLED display by 5 inches, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801processor, 3 GB RAM,16 GB of internal memory expandable up to additional 128 GB, dual SIM slots, LTE connectivity, a front camera from 8 Megapixels, a rear 13 megapixels and a 2525mAh. Continue reading

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Letv The Max Pro with Snapdragon 820: Photos and Videos from Our Site

The smartphone will be sold in China at 3500 CNY that correspond to about € 500.Considering taxes, import and Exchange in Europe can be purchased around € 600.Availability in the first half of 2016.

The Chinese manufacturer LeTV officially announced at CES in Las Vegas on The Max Pro, the world’s first smartphone based on the new processor Snapdragon 820 quad core 2.2 GHz with Kryo from 530 Adreno GPU and ultrasonic biometric technology Qualcomm ‘sSnapdragon Sense ID which allows a fingerprint recognition system safer and more accurate. Continue reading

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Lenovo Says Goodbye to the Motorola Brand: Short Line Only Bikes and Vibe

Was in the air for some time and already a few months ago we talked about the possible abandonment of the Motorola brand from Lenovo. Now, on the occasion of the CES 2016, it’s officiality and our Richard has already anticipated in part the thing in the video preview ofProject Tango.

Basically Lenovo decided to “turn off” the brand Motorola and by 2016 will no longer marketed product Motorola but everyone will be Lenovo branded. Actually something will remain and in particular will be implemented two main product families: Continue reading

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A Teaser for the January 12 3 Redmi Confirm Xiaomi | 4100mAh Battery

A new teaser image in article confirms closure battery from well 4100mAh for this smartphone.

Through a teaser decidedly explicit, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi announces the launch of its upcoming low end device. We talk about the new Redmi 3, already spotted in recent weeks at the time of its passage at the Chinese certification body TENAA and, before that, the famous platform GeekBench. According to the press release from Xiaomi, Redmi 3 will be presented next January 12. Continue reading

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Bluboo Xtouch Plus Coming up with 6 “Display and 4 GB of RAM

Bluboo the Chinese back to talk to him after he made known internationally in 2015 by launching some interesting device, first of all your smartphone Xtouch featuring 3D molded back case (here the review by and the smartwatch U Watch and X Watch .

In 2016 is scheduled to arrive on the market of Xtouch Plus, new high end smartphone features really important specifications. As revealed by Android Headlines, the phablet has side frames particularly thin, a large curved display 2.5 D to 6 inches with resolution QHD 2560 by 1440 and even 4 GB of RAM in it. Continue reading

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Available the Flyme 5 G for Meizu Pro 5

Punctual as by advances of the last few hours, came the Flyme 5 G for Meizu Pro 5smartphones officially released last year but that pretty much only now can really be reviewed. We are trying the official firmware for a couple of days and compared to the preview made in 2015 the improvement is there and it is obvious.

New products are many and are indicated in the blog post meizumart. Ve is given below: Continue reading

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Through the First 10 Arrives on Android Nexus Marshmallow Nightly CyanogenMod 13

Although Google has decreed the end of the life cycle, cutting him off from the list of devices upgradeable to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Nexus 10 is a tablet that is still current, perfectly able to meet the multimedia needs of the majority of its owners, thanks to large 10 ” with a resolution of 2560 by 1600. Dropping by to Google has definitely bothered me more than one user, since you have in your hands a device no longer updated means not only lose the ability to receive new features, but also be discovered regarding the latest security-related patches, pretty much the same fate to anything but outdated Nexus 4. Continue reading

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Fitbit Presents at CES Its New 2016 Blaze

Fitbit announced at CES in Las Vegas his new Blaze, a “smart fitness watch” by the special octagonal design, with aluminium body, able to track physical activity and motor.

Fitbit Blaze is a device dedicated to fitness, thought as an aid in most daily workouts, with a versatile design that can adapt to all styles, equipped with all the most useful features in one clock that fits your lifestyle. Continue reading

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Xiaomi Redmi 3 5 “HD Display, Metal and Official: Snapdragon 616 less Than 99 €

Xiaomi turns back the entry-level smartphone market, range from a few hours was presented the new Redmi 3 and as the latest rumors had hinted, we are faced with a new benchmark among the cheaper devices. Everything as planned, Xiaomi Redmi 3 uses a metal back case characterized by a fretwork particularly sought after and composed 4166 stars, only weighing 144 grams and a thick even more reduced than its predecessor by more 0.9 mm.


  • 5 display “HD (1280 x 720)
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 octa-core
  • Operating system Android MIUI custom 7 5.1.1 Lollipop
  • RAM 2 GB
  • 16 GB internal memory expandable via microSD (up to 128 GB)
  • 13 camera Mpxl, F/2.0 with PDAF and aufocus in only 0, 1s
  • 5 front camera Mpxl F/2.2
  • Hybrid dual-SIM support

Continue reading

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Honor, the Brand “Powered by Huawei,” Also Arrives in Physical Stores Unieuro

Honor, the brand “powered by Huawei”, also comes in physical stores. The device of Chinese society, in fact, as well as on the website and on Amazon, are now also available in the physical store chains Unieuro. The models currently for sale are 4 x Honor, Honor 6 and the new Honor 7. Available only online (in self pick) on the Mediaworld.

The brand Honor was investigated by Huawei to offer device of quality at a competitive price while avoiding the costs of distribution. However, the considerable growth of interest must have convinced the company to expand marketing to traditional sales channels where users can “touch” a device before you can buy. Continue reading

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Arthur1977 Robin on Pre-Order Until Next January 15

The start-up Arthur1977 announced that pre-orders of Robin, smartphone funded through Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, will be completed next January 15 through Backerkit .

The timing so tight would be due to the necessity of not burdening too much on production process, giving time to the young company to realize the unit item required “backers” without generating delays in delivery.

As anticipated by the Head of Product of Arthur1977 Scott Croyle, shipments of the first 1000 copies of the smartphone will be made starting from 16 February, with deliveries expected by end of the month. The second wave of expeditions is scheduled to immediately follow. Continue reading

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The New Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 Flies to India for the First Tests

Despite Galaxy J5 has been on the market for just 6 months, it seems that Samsung is ready to debut his successor relatively quickly. The news comes after the sighting, through the usual tracker Zauba, a new smartphone Samsung with serial number SM-J510, Indian South Korean society structures designed for the usual preliminary tests.

This sighting, apart from revealing the existence of the Terminal, there provides special instructions regarding the specifications of the same, if not with regard to the size of the display which pass by 5.0 “model currently on sale to 5.2” of this new Galaxy J5 2016. For the moment it is not known whether the increase of diagonal will be accompanied by increasing the resolution of the display, similar to what happened on Galaxy A5 2016, then it is not yet possible to determine whether we are facing a terminal with a Panel HD 720 p or a more defined FullHD 1080 p. Continue reading

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ZTE Nubia Prague S 5.2 Display Official “fullHD, Snapdragon Metal Shell 615

ZTE presented a few hours a new midrange smartphone, expanding the brand Nubia Prague with a device very elegant lines and featured a building completely in anodised aluminium. The screen is composed of a Panel from 5.2 “fullHD 2.5 D Super AMOLED matrix protected by Gorilla Glass 3, ben 64 gigs of internal memory expandable and a dedicated audio chip, however we are faced with a device which, although very nice from a design point of view, does not offer details new features compared to the competition. Continue reading

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Ancestor Is a Beautiful Puzzle Game for Android and iOS

If you are looking for a title for your Terminal Android or iOS, which combines an eye-catching graphics, great longevity and that requires a bit of strategy, you can end your search by giving you a chance to Ancestor, a title available for Android and iOS.

The mechanics behind Ancestor are a mix between those typical of a puzzle game and an endless runner, since the goal of each game is to collect coins and take as much distance as possible, eliminating obstacles thanks to gremlin able to fire a laser beam. Despite the script seems to many other titles, Ancestor presents obstacles and enemies that require performing certain actions in order to be eliminated, as for example the same symbols in a column or hit a target at specific points. Continue reading

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Rumor | HTC Could Produce Two Terminals Nexus in 2016

What we present here is a rumor emerged in the last few hours and that began to spread, fairly quickly, but that, given the months that separate us from the event, must be taken with due care and with the right “detachment”. After this long introduction, let’s get straight to the point: according to what reported by a source on Weibo, HTC could be the next Google partner in the creation of two new terminals in the family Nexus.

According to the source, that would be two smartphone with 5 inch display “and 5.5” which will arrive in the course of 2016. In the past, HTC has already been an important partner for Google, since the very first Nexus, Nexus One, and the current Nexus 9 tablets were produced both by the taiwanese company. The source adds that this move could be an attempt by Google to help HTC, a producer at the time in trouble, similar to what happened in the past with LG. Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)

It is activated for several days on the market the new range of Samsung Galaxy A 2016 which includes the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3. The first has a 5.2-inch diagonal while the Galaxy A3, we will try today, has a 4.7-inch diagonal. Compared to the previous generation, the new Galaxy to have a similar design to that of the Galaxy S6 and are characterized by an aluminium frame and Gorilla Glass 4 both the front and the back. Let’s meet this new device in our review.

Hardware, Materials and ergonomics:

Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 integrates a processor Exynos 7580 quad core Cortex-A53 from 1.5 GHz with Mali-T720. As on the previous generation we have 1.5 GB of RAM that if last year could be sufficient, in future are definitely few even though at the time it takes to run this device without major problems. Some slowdown you feel when you begin to keep open many applications. Not increase the amount of onboard memory, 16 GB, of which 10.7 GB always at our disposal, we can expand quivery microSD slot. Continue reading

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Apple Won a New Round in the Eternal Battle Against Samsung

If there is constant within the world of evolving technology, with manufacturers that cyclically alternate in the leading role, companies that are born and die, this is the eternal battle between Apple and Samsung, resulting in 2011 due to too many similarities between Galaxy S and iPhone 3 g, both aesthetically and in terms the Touch Wiz interface.

Over the years we have seen continuous upheavals, with Apple and Samsung that constantly vie for the position of “winner” inside of a cause that seems to be without end. Remember that the most important turning point came at the end of 2015, with the consent of Samsung to provide a refund of 550 million dollars against Apple, although the South Korean manufacturer has not failed to submit a complaint to the Supreme Court of the United States. Continue reading

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Panasonic Announces “Smart” Camera Lumix DMC-CM10 5.0 with Android

Panasonic has announced a new version of DMC-CM1, the hybrid smartphone/camera introduced at Photokina 2014. The new model takes the name of DMC-CM10, and comes with an aesthetic apparently nearly identical to that of the predecessor (change only the lens, almost completely black instead of black and silver). 135.4 x 21.1 x 68.0 mm size, weighing in at 204 grams. The first net difference between the two models is the absence of telephone module, eliminated in CM10. It is however present 4 g connectivity (with microSIM slot), can be used to send SMS and to Exchange data (e.g. for uploading photos on cloud services). It also supports Bluetooth and WiFi dual band.

Technical specifications do not show, however, details changes: the heart of the system consists of Android 5.0, run by a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC 801 2 quad-core, 3 GHz, with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of memory for storage of pictures and video, expandable via microSD. The touch screen display has a diagonal of 4.7 “and a Full HD resolution. Continue reading

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Oneplus Begins Beta Testing of Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Its Terminals

OnePlus announced for some time the start of work on versions of Hydrogen/Oxygen-based OS Android 6.0 Marshmallows and, according to statements made in November, we should now be close to the release of the first ROM devoted to OnePlus 2.

To give further proof to this feeling, we think the post posted by the same OnePlus on the popular microblogging site Weibo, which announces the start of a program of public beta testing dedicated to ROM Hydrogen OS based on Marshmallow for OnePlus 2. The requirements to participate in the tests include a willingness to install a firmware test at least twice a week, at least 30 hours a week of internet network connection, the ability to fill out a bug report and offer feedback in a timely manner. Of course it is given great weight to the fact that you have already participated in other beta tests of other products. Continue reading

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Dxomark, A9 Has the Best Camera on a HTC But Still Far from the Peak

In recent years reports of HTC with the imaging sector of their smartphone has somehow deteriorated. Moving to the formula “Ultrapixel” with One M7 did not produce the desired results, because of the amount too low to MP, and the Toshiba sensor mounted on One M9couldn’t convince through. Things seem to have gone through a major change of direction in recent times, with the launch of the new “hero product”, the midrange “super premium” One A9. We noticed a bit everyone, including DxOMark, which recently published its detailed analysis.

In the end, the score from the camera of the device was on 78 points, on par with the Nexus 6Google/Motorola. The characteristic emerged in particular are the good performance in any condition, without losses (or spikes, it is clear). A reliable behavior with no surprises, in short, that do not run the risk of disappointing expectations. Continue reading

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