Vintage Style Wedding Dresses

The wedding dresses 2014-2015 of the Parisian haute couture are true works of art, of dreamlike creations that every woman wants to wear in her big wedding day. Not only white clothes, opulent and rich of lace, lace, organza and endless layers of tulle, but many colorful patterns with which it will be impossible to go unnoticed. For the fall/winter, the bridal trend is reversed and relies entirely, or nearly so, on color. The fiery red, along with the disenchantment of some pastel crystal clear, definitely. Moreover, there is no shortage of Black wedding dresses and veils are anything but classic.

The biggest fashion houses of haute couture in Paris have submitted some fantastic sculptures to wear on the day of your wedding. It’s really impossible not to fall in love with at least one of the patterns seen paraded on the runways of Paris. Basically, there is something for all tastes! Yes, because the studios, keeping faith with the corporate dna, were given free rein to imagination, offering unrivalled sublime wedding dresses, and with which astonish and enchant with a bridal look awesome. Continue reading

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Chanel the Little Black Jacket Exhibition

Karl Lagerfeld gives life to a world exhibition to commemorate the classic jacket designed by Coco, shooting a film about the early years dressmaker Chanel and now … the novelty of August!
The March 24, 2012 as part of Tokyo “The little black jacket” . The exhibition consists of 113 black and white depicting actors, designers, singers, models, dancers, musicians, writers who wear precisely “The little black jacket” realized for the first time by Gabrielle Chanel in 1954. The images of mens motorcycle jackets, taken by mensjacketsstore in collaboration with Carine Roitfeld (former editor of Vogue Paris), go around the world; the show just started in Tokyo goes through New York, Taipei, Hong Kong, London, Moscow, Sidney arrives in Paris of course and then move on to Berlin, Seoul and in ‘April 2013 make a stop in our Milan, the latest capital were Dubai, Beijing and the exhibition has just concluded in Shanghai on 14 July.

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Hairstyles to Look Slimmer

Just as there are colors and cuts of clothes that favor our figure, there are hairstyles that can help you to refine your features and make you look slimmer, so we show you some hairstyles to make you look fabulous.


If you are women that I like to wear your hair loose and smooth, a good option is to cut it into layers, these key factions and lengthen the face, it is take the hair in medium to long length, is that the shortest layer is flush of the Chin. Continue reading

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Curly Hairstyles

If you are going on vacation to beach and have a curl hair or does so with water, do not worry, get out of your hair with these celebrities hairstyles featured on health-beauty-guides that will look great.

Collected curl

It looks great with a beautiful comb or a hair accessory , you will be more than a bun, this hairstyle will help you to look good and not have so much heat.


It may be a simple hairstyle, but you’re sure that you’ll be very well with a long braid that you will not clog anywhere. Continue reading

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How Should a Men’s Dress Shirt Fit

It is no secret that more and more men pay extremely close attention to their appearance. Whether working in the office or having fun with friends, the man must have its own style of dress. The style is built with quality clothing and refined taste in their selection.

The shirt is one of the most important attributes in a man’s wardrobe. To fit well into the overall style should be followed a few basic things.

Cut shirt

Shirts are sewn in three main variants: classical, waisted and strongly waisted. If you are a fan of traditionalism, choose simple classic style. It is most appropriate to wear a classic suit. Comfortable is an elegant, it will give a sophisticated appearance both in everyday life and in formal occasions. An important plus is that it will never have wet stains under the arms.

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Keyboard for iPad

There are hundreds of accessories for iPod, iPhone and now the iPad. One of these accessories is doing much success is a keyboard for iPad.

In previous years there has been a considerable increase in sales of notebooks, but in 2010 this rate of growth has been braked because of the tablets. In many cases they are being preferred as compared to notebooks.

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Asu Cast One Smartwatch

The Chinese smartwatch integrates a pico laser projector capable of projecting notifications, messages, images and videos on hand and any flat surface

The smartwatch, as big, tend to have displays of very small size compared to other types of device. And since one of the main input mechanisms consist of the touchscreen, this can be a problem. The idea to create smartwatch with display size of 3 inches or more is almost grotesque, but it must be said also that, more often, the canonical dimension of 1.5 inches just is not enough.

The Chinese company Asu adopted an alternative approach, integrating a pico projector within its smartwatch. The device is called Asu Cast One (or Asu Cast 1 ), and is one smartwatch based on Android and fitted with a tiny laser projector that can project images on any flat surface (or almost). The idea is to use the surface of the smartwatch as a touch tablet for the management of a screen that, virtually, can cover the back of one hand but also a whole wall by more than 60 inches.

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Nixon Ultratide Smart Surf Watch

Alarmed by the success of electronics to wear more traditional manufacturers of watches are considering ideas for inclusion in this segment. Some CREATE devices for tracking physical activity (fitness trackers, sports bracelets, etc.), others rely on smart watches in the traditional sense (notices, communications, etc.), and some even take a completely unexpected ways. The young but popular Californian company for Nixon (watches, accessories, audio products) e decided to unite efforts with Surfline (the leading global portal for forecasts surf conditions) to create not just a full-featured smart watch, “the smartest clock surf in the world “(according to the company). The result is called Ultratide (there are older models of the same name).

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10 Summer 2011 Fashion Basics

The summer is getting closer and is for this reason that we must prepare ourselves to receive renewed wardrobe with clothes dress that it brings us fashion summer 2011. It looks cool and sensational with these 10 summer 2011 fashion Basic.

10. Capri pants

They are elementary for the summer 2011 fashion, and the new alternative to the skinny jeans that had caused so much furor in recent years.

9. Trench coat

Whether long or short, the trench-coat is ideal since you can use it both with a casual and relaxed look or even an elegant dress. Indispensable for the summer 2011 fashion. Continue reading

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3D Wall Clocks Online

Fly and no wings. As it is it? The answer to the riddle lies in these wonderful clocks, proving that the most valuable thing we have is exactly the time. Put another element in their living room or bedroom and you will see that in addition to superior functionality, today the clock may have an impressive design. Check out our offers and be up to date in the interior by entrusting its renovation of experienced professionals!

The idea behind this impressive clock is that although seemingly time to repeat it relentlessly changing world around us. Using the attached sheet color, the watch creates unique 3D effect that resembles climbing a spiral staircase. An amazing is not it?

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How to Find Your Perfect Pillow

Orthopedics argue that inadequate cushion can worsen headaches, neck pain, cause stiff shoulders and arms, discomfort, sneezing, wheezing. If the pillow is old, it may be full of dead skin cells, fungi, mold, mildew and dust mites. According to experts, pillows should be replaced every 12-18 months. After most two years old pillow should definitely be discarded. Before buying a new pillow specify what position you sleep. The aim is to take the head etc. Neutral stance on the pillow, which means it is level with the shoulders and do not lean nor too forward or too far back. Experts advise:

– If you sleep on your back, a pillow should be thinner (lower), not bends his head forward. Good pillow to have extra padding at the bottom to support the neck.

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Anker 13-Port USB 3.0 Hub

From time to time I present to you some new product ideas of anchor in the test. In this edition has managed the 13-Port USB 3.0 Aluminum Hub and the Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Both products are quite price-breaker in its category and still have an attractive price.

The USB 3.0 13-port USB hub.

A tidy work promises juxtaposed the USB hub equal to 13 ports. Now at first glance this may certainly seem like overkill, but even I have about 6-7 USB devices that I could connect to my Mac simultaneously. Currently I stöpsele then always from what. This USB hub so that is no longer a problem.

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InLine USB Power Bank: Spare Battery with Integrated LED Flashlight

If you are traveling and your smartphone thanks to battery shortage refuses to work, then it is convenient to have an extra battery case. If this battery also something else can, as the mobile phone to be supplied with electricity, then that is twice as practical.

That is when inLine USB Power Bank, which dates back to the home of Intos Electronic AG, the case: First, it invites your device, if necessary. On the other hand brings the mobile charger light into darkness, because behind the battery also hides even an LED flashlight defined from In a relatively simple packaging, no frills the spare battery of inLine’s because what initially but making him look pretty unimpressive. First impression: In terms of packaging is something else. But packaging is important or not what is behind it.

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8 Steps of Makeup for Small Eyes

Makeup for small eyes It is simple to make, does not cost much time or money and make you look sensational in a few minutes. Why we are presenting these 8 steps of makeup for small eyes which will make you look a look nice and even managed to create the illusion of having a little bigger eyes.

8. Applied base

The base is a basic step not only in makeup for small eyes but in makeup in general, applied the base around the face and eyelids.

7. Concealer

The corrector is essential in small eyes makeup since it helps to give light to those marks around the eyes like dark circles that make that they look a little smaller. Continue reading

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Energy Saving LED Night Light

The light colour of led bulbs is equal to incandescents?
Not always. And in choosing a led bulb, the tone is one of the key points to consider. As for energy-saving lamps, even for those LEDs there are several shades of light, from the hot one (closest to incandescent bulbs) to the cold end (similar to neon and lights road). The reason is that, unlike traditional bulbs, those LEDs emit light in the visible spectrum, without trespassing on the infrared areas (which helps to give conventional bulbs the typical warm yellow light, as well as heat) and ultraviolet.

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Top 10 Fashion Dresses

Fashionable dresses always going to provide freshness, femininity and comfort, what you can not see this list so you know what is coming and those who are most like you.

10. Asymmetric

There are many ways that a garment is asymmetric, for example when dresses have only a strap or back this semi outdoor. But the most original way is when you have a short in front and slightly longer back dress defined on Usprivateschoolsfinder.

9. Orange and Coral

If you don’t have a dress of any of these two colors, it is your chance to go buy one, since these are the Favorites of designers this season of spring-summer, besides which are colors that they have all types of complexion and are very happy. Continue reading

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What are LED Bulbs?

What are led bulbs?
Led bulbs are energy efficient lamps that produce light using an electronic component called led (light emitting diode).

This is an American invention that dates back a long way, in 1962. The led is a diode, a semiconductor component “of the same family as those used in solar panels and chips for PCs and smartphones capable of emitting light of a specific color (it’s called “coherent light”) which depends on the type of material used, not by the color of the light source: light emitted have the color that you see and is derived from the energy released from electrons undergo an electrical current.

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Pink Valentine’s Day Makeup

So you look beautiful in your quote from Valentine’s day we give you a choice with a natural makeup in pink colors very easy to achieve, just follow these simple steps and you surprise your partner.

1. Base

Apply a light base on your face to cover imperfections and match your skin tone, apply with a damp sponge from the center of the nose to the temples for a more natural result, once applied dry that hold well in the face and last for much longer.

2. Spell

If there are minor imperfections that do not could covered with base usa a bit of concealer in a lighter tone of your skin, such as circles or some redness or dark spots, using your finger void to blur the concealer with small Pat. Continue reading

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Makeup Professional in 8 Steps

Follow these makeup tricks to show off a true professional makeup and change your look this year. Find out the best makeup trends and makes your natural makeup of the newspaper, in a striking professional makeup that will leave everyone stunned.

1. Perfect base

Beauty experts recommend that before applying the base, you must dissolve it with a little moisturizer, you can mix it in your hand, once ready, apply it with a brush and get a very natural result.

2. Perfect brightness

Glitter on the face should only be placed in three key areas, under the Arch of the eyebrow, a touch of product satin in the basins between the eye and the nose, and a slight brochaso in the top of the cheekbones. Continue reading

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What to Do with an Old Bicycle

Want to get rid of your dear old bike? Turn it into a sculpture or a table for the living room. Here’s what they did many artists.

You have a bike that you no longer use and is buried by the dust? Go down in the cellar, or go in the attic and dusts off your two wheels. As they say to the pig, even the bicycle does not throw anything away . Sets aside the memories of long walks past with her, of daring rides among winding streets and prickly weeds. It begins to devise your own work of art giving a new chance to your rusty bike.

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Hairstyles with Braids Step by Step

A woman I despair you have the same look for a long time, and you are right; It is always good to innovate, so that now we bring you 8 different hair styles with braids to give a special touch to your outfit and your personality.

Side waterfall

Takes three pieces of hair from one end, it begins to twist it, the second time you go to do so; to the piece above you add another piece of hair, and so on until you reach the part below. If you want you can leave it at that, but if you don’t like bringing the loose hair, can make a braid of reverse cascade following the same procedure, when you finish the subject to side queue mode. Continue reading

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8 Makeup Techniques

All women can look beautiful, if we know how you can get us out of it so if you want to dazzle anyone, follow these makeup techniques and gets a beautiful makeup.

8. Corrective makeup

Looking for makeup techniques that will help you hide or highlight any faction of your face? Then opt for the corrective, since if you apply it well you will reduce all imperfections, spots or pimples to a wide nose.

7. Makeup for big eyes

If you have oversized eyes, you must remember the law of colors, clearings create the illusion of volume and the dark hidden, so one of the best techniques of makeup in these cases, is to opt for shades of grey, purple and dark brown tones, you can also outline outside and inside the eye. Continue reading

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How to Fish for Carp in a Pond

A novice you definitely need some advice before embarking on the carp one of the most satisfying and exciting in the world of sport fishing.
Being a carp fish very suspicious, this fishery requires silence and camouflage by the fisherman who must absolutely avoid to look out on the water or cast their shadows. Here’s how to draw a carp in pond.

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Groundbait.
  • Lead plates and sliding.
  • Lines from 0.25 to 0.40.
  • Ami spanners from 3 to 10

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Top 12 Tunics

The robes are one of the trends of summer, are incredible tunic tops for any occasion and can be perfectly combined with necklaces of fashion and Sandals for a full look and fashionable.

12. Tunics with ornaments

One of the best blouses for any season or occasion are the tunics with inlays or ornaments, look stunning with jeans or dress pants and bring elegance and femininity.

11. Comfortable robes

These blouses are ideal for any day of the week, especially of rest, are this type of comfortable robes type pants for fast leave home and look sensational. Continue reading

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5 Tricks for Makeup the Eyes According to Its Shape

It is very important to make the eyes do it correctly to get the desired results, and for this you must know how to makeup depending on how having the eyes of every person.

Small eyes

To enlarge eyes, you must apply makeup with soft tones, avoid dark and give light in the center of the eyelid and eyeliner on the top and on the bottom from the Middle out.

Convex or bulging eyes

Makeup the eyes in this way the Pearly shades should be avoided since these will do see more bulging eyes. Best to put a clear basis and something darker along the crease and use eyeliner on the upper and lower part of the eyes according to Continue reading

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How to Clean Sleeping Bag for Camping

Surely you’ll be so much fun to go camping and using your sleeping bag: what you need to know though is that, as with many other items, including the sleeping bag should be washed, so they can sleep safely when using it. But we must say a small detail: the sleeping bag can be washed after each use, because maybe the dirt level is very low.

Should simply wash it when the sweat, the same dirt or other elements are present in large quantities in the sleeping bag and make little presentable. Only on this occasion therefore you better wash it so I can use it with ease, as it will be clean and fragrant.

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10 Tips for Decoration of Small Gardens

Decoration of small gardens has some advantages such as easy maintenance. In addition, it is suitable to make your garden much larger than it actually is. Here are some tips.

10. Create a barbecue

If you have an outdoor patio make for having a barbecue practice. Build a wooden deck on two different levels, as part of your small garden decoration, to give the feeling of space.

9. Put your style

Each element in the decoration of small gardens should show your personality. Use statues, fountains, original pots, lighthouses and aviaries, among many other items. Continue reading

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8 Tips to Renew Your Look

The year begins renew your look with these simple tips that will help you to shed and feel beautiful with the best fashion trends.

8. Dispose of all

Begins with discard all those clothes, makeup, shoes, and other things that you no longer use or are in poor condition, will surprise you the space that you can recover from your wardrobe.

7. Trends

According to, to renew your vintage look is important to know the seasonal fashion trends, buy magazines, view Web pages to know what takes this season. Continue reading

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