20 Must Women’s Wardrobe – What You Miss There?

A white shirt and a fitting jeans, you have certainly heard. We Móda.cz for you but bring a lot more – 20 pieces that your wardrobe would definitely not be missed.

  1. Black ballerinas
    goes well with everything and put on anytime. Do not buy it but for three hundred, find a cut that fits you and spend more for them. Will be your faithful friend.
  2. Nude Pumps
    Whenever you need heels, keep in mind that not black, nude but is versatile and anything go wrong with it. Aťuž you all in elegant black summer dress or jeans. Nude pumps at about 7 cm heel disappoint!
  3. Shopper bag
    stacks of paper to work, shopping for dinner, teaching in schools, workout in the fitness – shopper bag can accommodate everything. And still there will look stylish. I invest in it and select the universal color.
  4. Letterbox
    Whenever you go to the theater or any other event, you need a letter. Dial classic envelope, nothing extravagant, because the classic shape last year.
  5. Luxury watches
    can be partners mommy or your own. The label does not matter. But stick with silver, gold or black or dark brown leather strap.
  6. Timeless sunglasses
    If you wear a diopter, have done even prescription sunglasses and choose only the most universal shape. Like writings, whether you do not change every season. Because quality sunglasses can be a matter of even ten thousand.
  7. Real gold, silver or pearls
    rights jewelry is never boring. By age and social status you should own what is closest to you. However, the genuine pearls fits elderly.
  8. Sleeve Skirts
    Black pouzdrovka finally solve more problems than you expected. Wear to work, to town, to the parties and to the theater. Here, choose carefully the length of skirts and comfort. You need to be in it to move freely.
  9. Skinny jeans
    Dark blue or bright – according to your taste. Skinny jeans that will make a nice figure and can wear it whenever you do not know what to wear. See more on extrareference.
  10. Black pants
    can be formal or denim type, and here is primarily on age. Young women just rich black slim, experienced women but surely they prefer the classics.
  11. Sheath dress
    can be white, black, nude, gray and turquoise. It is up to you, where you feel best. Ideally they should be short or 3/4 sleeve and ending at knee level.
  12. Quality sweater
    We mean the one that nepuckatí, nevytahávají his sleeves and certainly did not get beyond two hundred. Argyle is nesmrtelou classic touch but can also follow the smooth fabric.
  13. Oversized shirt
    may well be men’s or only a size bigger than yours. I stay here for primary colors. Choose high-quality cotton, in which you at least sweat and endure in the long term.
  14. White shirt
    should comply with the basic rules that never does not open, nepne, the sleeves are short or too long. Go to specialty shops, where you show multiple types of editing and advise you that your character fits best.
  15. Trenchcoat
    may be just Burberry. For trenchcoatu is a classic beige, black and dark blue to other colors are too emotionally, next season it can happen that are totally out.
  16. Black jacket
    true to him the same as for white shirt. On the shelves rather misses those without closing – they are impractical.
  17. Leather Jacket
    For skin is worth reaching for the real, something that lasts. A black. Brown quickly coming into fashion and quickly comes out of it, black is stalwart.
  18. Basic Tank
    Black! Bere below anything that does not shine through, or in the summer high waisted kraťasům. It is universal and quality seating as well as a hundred.
  19. Lace underwear set
    bra that fits you 100% together with a classic cut briefs that never nekrabatí and not cut down. Here is the color for you – black / Body / red or royal blue ?!
  20. Cashmere scarf
    pays to think through the pattern and color to fit to everything and played you for years and years. In summer, serve with chilly evenings as a blanket arms.