2014 Short Wedding Dresses

2014 short wedding dresses. Dress chosen should suit your personality and must be suitable for the type of body that is. So you can choose properly 2014 short wedding dresses, I recommend to take into account the following tips.

2014 Short Wedding Dresses

  1. color. Especially the color of your wedding dress should be chosen according to the color of their skin. For example; the young ladies who have white skin, must choose dresses that are brightly colored, such as violets, Orange, red, pink, yellow, among others.

Instead of dark-skinned girls, favor black dresses, navy blue dresses and dresses in dark gray. So, before you buy your dress to distinguish that skin color has.

  1. cutting. With the wedding dress that uses, should sit comfortably and fresh. For this reason, before you buy the dress, try and make sure that the Court will favor him. Everything with the dress must be like, the length, the cleavage, the color, the shape of the skirt, etc, then found the perfect dress.
  2. the place of the party. The dress should also be chosen according to the type of party and in that place is. In the cold or rainy, you must use long dresses of warm fabrics, in such a way that keep the wrapped body. If the Festival takes place on the beach or in hot areas, it is best to opt for fresh fabrics short dresses.
  3. considers the event. The type of event where we will go, will also dictate the right choice of dress. If you are invited to a wedding party, you must be very careful in choosing the color of the dress and forget about white color, which is a special color of the bride, so it is best to opt for another color. The girls who are invited to a graduation, you have to use more casual dresses and if you are a graduate chooses to a cute long dress.
  4. fabric. To choose the appropriate fabric, it is essential to take account of the climate, for a wedding that takes place on the beach, it is advisable the dresses of diaphanous fabrics, which allow breathing the body comfortably and at the same time make you feel fresh. For parties carried out in cold places, opt for dresses sheltered fabrics.

Attention to Accessories

Accessories which are silvery- and those that are golden color, harmonize very well with green dresses. These accessories are ideal to give the look a touch of elegance, brilliance and luxury. All accessories to use with your dress should be a single color, that way will succeed in creating a harmonious whole. For example; jewelry, shoes and bag, must be of gold or silver. It should combine mentioned above attachments with a dress of pale green with details of sequins and rhinestones.