21 Stages That Every Girl Passes When You’re Shopping Online

Addiction easily solved with: new purchases

Online purchases are a doom. We can’t have free on your computer, just like sites various clothes and we get hours (sooooo many hours) seeking to buy. We don’t need everything, but if it’s on sale, what’s wrong? The problem is when you want to buy absolutely anything just because the price lowered. Here are the stages by which we spend whenever we surrender to shopping online.

1. Just Watching

You begin in innocence. Look at the what’s new section, has nothing to do.

2. Scroll the Page Forever

What was just to pass the time becomes a search. You keep going on several pages, many stores, so many nice clothes … And now?

3. Okay, You’re on the Edge

Let’s put some pieces in the cart, what’s wrong? Will you think of buying later.

4. The Source of the Laptop Can Save you

So many wonderful dresses and the computer’s battery is running low. NO. EPA, wouldn’t this a victory?

5. The justicativa

You already have other clothes that color … Maybe you use.

6. Do You Think You Can Get away with This

Okay, let’s see what I really need.

7. And You Realize …

Everything is essential if you want to survive in this life.

8. Start a Debate in Your Head

Maybe help view various angles, and details how is model.

9. Your Ego Inflated

The template is wonderful. She was so sexy. You could be that person, I’d be so beautiful that you could even participate in a clip of Taylor Swift.

10. Boldness and Joy

Fuck, I work hard, I deserve some expensive dresses!

11. Daring Disappeared and Now You’re Just Tense

Oh, Thurs-kindled them real … remove from cart, goodbye. Forget all the good things that you might have had, hating the fact that you’re not the Kim Kardashian and never will be.

12. Saving the Fatherland

I’ll find a discount code or any way to get these dresses.

13. Your Fingers Create a Life

Typing the numbers on the card. There’s no turning back now.

14. It’s Official, the Receipt

Your request has been received, thank you for your purchase.

15. Until …

You are taken by remorse.

16. The Wait!

The next 10-20 working days will be a bag.

17. Survival Plan

Now just save on lunch, gas and avoid buying thousands of candy. Will be easy!

18. Time to Prove

Everything is here! Forget about the plans for the night, today you will be proving their beautiful clothes.

19. You don’t Even Know Who He is.

Why did I buy that? I was drunk?

20. The Return

The process to return. What is the reason for return. Let’s think, hmmmm, poverty. Yes, the whole thing shook.

21. Facing Your Fears

Sad? Ever. You want to leave the site, but saw a skirt so cute. The cycle begins again.