3 Also Ready with “Free Speech” for Business Customers

Phone company 3 on the road with three new business subscriptions from 5. April – with free speech at prices way down to 149 dollars per month.

Phone company 3 introduces three new subscriptions to business customers, from Friday 5. April, which should not be being cheated out of free speech and lots of data. At the end of February was 3 ready with “Free Speech”-subscriptions to private customers, as the first telecommunications company – and now get business customers also free speech.

-“We know that free speech is worth gold for our corporate clients, for most businesses put as fortunately still value the personal interview. And with free speech in our business subscriptions, customers can put all worries on the shelf about runaway mobile bills and administration and just talk, “says Jacob Hein Knudsen, Director of the business market in 3 Denmark, in a press release.

Thus, there is also a serious focus on future subscriptions, which consists of free speech and the focus is on data.

-“Data usage has exploded in step with our customers really have taken smartphones to themselves, and it is at the data, we must differentiate us in the future with attractive subscription packages and a strong network with a focus on broad coverage with high speeds,” says Jacob Hein K.

The three new subscriptions costs from 149 kronor a month to 279 kronor per month excluding VAT. Included in all subscriptions are free SMS/MMS, as well as the availability of 4 g/LTE, if your mobile phone supports this, as well as free speech in Sweden.

At the same time, with the launch of the new subscriptions, then relaunches 3 also their “3Omstilling”, there are 3 ‘s mobile conversion solution for enterprises. The new 3Omstilling is 100 percent cloud-based.